Calgary Flames goaltender Karri Ramo giving an excellent performance

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsAlthough Calgary Flames goaltender has less to work with and definitely has limited support at the offensive end at this time, he has been giving an excellent performance and to think that he came off a knee injury on February makes his comeback even more remarkable. He has returned with a better game and much more consistent performance.
With such a stable player handling the goaltending position, the Flames will definitely be looking to keep him and when summer comes around chances are more than likely will not be looking for a player to replace him. With teams like Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender James Reimer and Carolina Hurricanes goalie Cam Ward among the many netkeepers who are facing trouble, it is obvious that other goalies are an issue and while other teams will be looking for replacements, they will not have to indulge in the fuss.
Flames defenceman Tyler Wotherspoon said that on Monday against the Edmonton Oilers Ramo had a huge part to play in the game and was the biggest reason they won. He managed to stop some of the most critical goals and had many saves to keep the score down.
“He was the backbone of our team (Monday),” said Wotherspoon. “He made some big stops when we needed it and carried it along the way.”
Ramo still has 1 year to go on his contract and the way he handled the puck on the ice save after save was the reason the Flames brought the heat on the ice and managed to steal the win.
Ramo was quick to draw the attention away from him and said that it was the Sharks that put up a great game and they put quite the pressure on them with  their aggressive and relentless gameplay.
“Every time we take a look at the Sharks, I think they have the most shots per game,” Ramo said. “I think they played really well, but we managed after a bad first period. We really were able to turn it around and get out of the pressure.”
Ramo added that the San Jose Sharks had actually a pretty good standing and were coming into the game strong so he actually worried about the whole thing.
“Looking at the standings, they are right there to win the league for the regular season. We knew they were gonna come out different than some teams that come here, and we had to be ready,” Ramo said. “It was a tough start but we got a couple penalty kills and were able to turn the momentum.”
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