Calgary Flames now on a 5 game winning streak after defeating Minnesota Wild

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWhen looking at how the Calgary Flames won over the Minnesota Wild in a 4-3 overtime victory, one moment does stand out. It was when Mikael Backlund hit a puck while still in the air and managed to get it in the net, which was the winning goal. So the question had to be asked of him whether he had baseball in his blood.
"No, I’m awful," said Backlund. "Well, I did score one this morning (at the skate) from up in the air, so I had some practice."
Seeing how spectacular and sweet that goal and the moment was, we also had to ask if it was one of the best goals that he had bagged so far. And Backlund had to agree the movement was quite slick and it might be the best finishing he had done so far.
"Well, it was a nice one," he replied with a sly smile. "It’s always nice to score in overtime. Yeah, probably the biggest NHL goal."
For the last four games that the Flames have won Backlund has been scoring two goals in each match. When asked if he was tooting his own horn over his performance, he replied he was humble about it and simply happy to be part of the team and giving what he could so they could win.
"I’m happy I can chip in," said Backlund. "There’s been a lot of doubt in this city about me. It’s nice to finally be able to get those goals that people have wanted me to get for a lot of years."
Head coach for the Flames Bob Hartley was quite impressed with how Backlund had been playing the games and his ability recently to find the right moment to make contact with the puck and land it in the opponents goal.
"Backs is finding pucks — pucks are finding Backs," said Hartley. "It’s a good combination. When you work hard, usually you get rewarded. That’s what he’s getting right now."
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You jinxed them!!!!! 

j/k, but they did lose tonight :(

2/3/14   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!  I purposely did NOT write this cuz I didn't want to jinx them!!!

It's on YOUR head now!!  indecision