Cam Newton Is Still A Fantasy Star, But Has Been Regressing In Reality

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Meanwhile, Panthers fans couldn’t have realistically expected a perfect start especially since Carolina had a tough opening schedule, but it is reasonable for them to think that their team should be better than 1-4, even with a defense that is ranked only 22nd in the league in points allowed.

Moreover, it is safe to say that after eclipsing Manning’s record for most passing yards as a rookie, Newton should be playing better this year than he did last year, and that with two stud running backs in DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart on the roster, his team should not be 24th in the league in points scored per game, one slot behind the Tennessee Titans who are tied with the New York Jets.

Right now, the Carolina QB is in a dangerous time in his career. And it’s not hard to see that Steve Smith understands that better than Newton does.

In an interview, he explained why he called Newton out, “I lit into him because I thought it was an opportunity for him to see and understand what was going on. This is more than about playing football. It's about becoming a man and understanding what this is.”

To be successful, Newton needs to mature and become a leader on this football team. Because whether he likes it or not, he is always going to be looked up to as long as he is the starting quarterback because QB is the most important position in football.

Obviously Newton will be given a fair amount of time to produce better results since he is a former No. 1 draft pick and only 23 years old, but if he can’t improve his attitude and keep from being so reckless with the ball in terms of turnovers, then he may be headed down a steep decline rather than a path leading to playoff victories.

The worst-case scenario would be that Newton would fall so far that he would no longer be on an NFL roster before the age of 30.

It seems unlikely that a QB who led his college football team to a national championship and then was honored with the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award could end up in that position, but that’s where Vince Young is. He is 29 and no longer employed in the NFL.
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Cam Newton was hyped up last season and he is not the team leader people were claiming he was. Cam is all about himself.