Can Dolphins’ offense cover for their dismissive defensive line? Moore explains

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The Miami Dolphins head to the MetLife Stadium in Week 8 to play against the New York Giants. Quarterback, Matt Moore will be under a lot of pressure as Dolphins are yet to record their first win of the season. Moore has to relieve his head coach, Tony Sparano from doing a reckless job and inspire his teammates to stay on their toes for the whole of the match.

Moore has stressed his teammates to be vigilant till the final whistle is blown. Last week, Dolphins had their best chance to acquire victory when they hosted the Denver Broncos however, seeing a momentary lapse in concentration towards the end of the match, Broncos prodigal quarterback, Tim Tebow inspired his team to an 18-15 victory even though Dolphins had an 11-point lead in the 4th quarter.

Dolphins have been severely affected by injuries this season. Pivotal players like Chad Henne, Brandon Marshall, Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush are often sidelined. Henne is out action for the season after his shoulder injury, Marshall is troubled by his ankle and hamstring injuries, Thomas is sidelined due to another hamstring injury and Bush only recently came back after nursing his hamstring injury.

At this point in time an injury to Moore could end the season for Dolphins, well at least more embarrassingly. Nonetheless, Moore is performing immaculately, as a matter of fact he has already established impressive chemistry with Marshall and Bush.

In a recent press conference Moore explained that Dolphins defensive capabilities were quite dismissive. The Dolphins probably have the least threatening defense in the league. Moore stated that in this scenario Dolphins needed to take full advantage of their impressive offensive line. Moore said, “Yeah, I think so. Regardless of what we shown or what people think, I absolutely believe. Yeah, we’re capable of doing that. And hopefully, we’re not in a situation where we don’t have to do that. And we can be a situation to win the ball game at the end of the game there. But yeah, I think the receivers know if and when that should come up, we could be pretty effective. And I think, like I said, our offensive scheme, all that stuff is definitely in. And if it were to come to that then, like I said, we have to execute like I say every week and just go from there.” 
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