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Can the Jets Prove the Media Wrong?

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Geno Smith throws touchdown pass to TE Kellen Winslow   Tonight the Jets take on the Patriots and have a chance to prove the media wrong. Coming into this season almost every "analyst" had the Jets in either dead last or somewhere near there. It seemed as if everyone assumed the Jets would not have a competitive team ready to go by week one. 

    Throughout the preseason every media member reiterated that the Jets would be a team that will just get beat up and would be a pushover. As the regular season approached every media member came out and gave their opinions/predictions on who they thought would win. When it came to the Jets, almost all of them doubted they would even score. The reasoning was that the Jets had no offensive weapons and starting a rookie QB who was dubbed not ready from the day he was drafted. 

   The one opinion that stood out amongst the rest was ESPN's power rankings. For those who do not know, the power rankings are what ESPN believes each team is ranked. The shock was they had the Jets ranked dead last at number 32. This began the mentality of "Us Against the World" for the Jets. 

   The Jets were getting ready to take on Darelle Revis and the Bucs in their season opener. In a familiar fashion the Jets were losing in the 4th quarter with 34 seconds on the clock. If you have been a Jets fan long enough you probably felt the heart wrenching sadness of a loss in week one. You also feared waking up the next morning to hear the media saying how they knew this would happen and that Geno is not ready. The Jets were on their own 20, Geno hikes the ball and hits Winslow over the middle for 25 yards bringing them to their 45 yard line. This brings the clock to about 16 seconds. The Jets have time to run a play and possibly get close enough for a field goal to win it. Geno hiked the ball and with no WRs open he scrambles and runs out of bounds but gains about 6-7 yards. In every Jets fans mind..."the game is over"! Like something out of a suspenseful movie a Tampa Bay player pushes Geno while he is out of bounds allowing the Jets to score a field goal with 7 seconds left winning the game. 

   This shocked many members of the media, so much so that one reporter (Manish Mehta) came out with an article stating that if the Jets win tonight against the Patriots they can effectively snub all the doubters. This may be a chance for the Jets to shut down all their critics, but will the attacks stop or will they just ease? This question will be answered tonight. Can the Jets overcome the doubters? Will Geno prove he is the future? Tonight is the real test. You have to love game day!  
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don;t know who is right or wrong... but the Jets scored all of 3 points in the first half...