Canucks and Panthers sit at the Trade Table yet again; Samuelsson-Strum for Booth-Reinprecht-3rd Pick

10/23/11 in NHL   |   KurtKingsley   |   1858 respect

The Vancouver Canucks and Florida Panthers quenched their thirst to bring in new players by changing players between their rosters once again. The Canucks have traded Mikael Samuelsson and Marco Strum to the Panthers and in return acquired David Booth, Steven Reinprecht and a third round draft pick.

Analysts are conflicted on deciding whether this was a fair deal or not, meanwhile fans are surprised by the fact that the two clubs have agreed upon yet another trade. Turn back a few pages and you will remember that Canucks and Panthers agreed upon the trades of Bure-Jovanovski, Bertuzzi-Luongo, Grabner-Ballard; just to name a few.

The Canucks had been trying to revamp their squad with fresh blood and that is why they are done with 34-year-old Samuelsson and 33-year-old Sturm. Nonetheless, it’s not the end of the line for these players, a couple of other clubs would agree that the duo still have a lot to give. However, the Canucks should be questioned for signing Strum this offseason. Strum has been a mere shadow of his former self in the past 6 games. Even Mike Gillis would agree that his form has been decreasing.

The Canucks probably succumbed to greed when Booth was featured in the deal. Three seasons ago, Booth was destined by hockey greats to become an immaculate starter in a top notch team after the 23-year-old broke out with 31 goals in a season. Unfortunately, Booth was knocked off from his path to glory by a concussion, thanks to Mike Richards. Booth has never been the same since. Last season he scored 23 goals in spite of particiapting in 82 games. Nevertheless, Booth still has speed, grit and a finesse finishing ability. Booth sounds like a good player to team up with Ryan Kesler.

Reinprecht also has an important role in the deal. The Panthers are ready to pay Reinprecht $2.05 million to play in the AHL this season, interestingly the Canucks are willing to do the same. In spite of this, the deal can tip towards the Canucks if Booth regains his lost form. Booth must bring back his former form if he wants to save Gillis from embarrassment. The Canucks have agreed to pay Booth $4.25 million for four more years.

The Canucks are also looking to get rid of a couple of wingers. Cody Hodgson has shown great promise and Mason Raymond is due to return soon, which means that the Canucks will have too many 2nd and 3rd line wingers. It can also be noted that price tag on Samuelsson can be considered a steal.
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