Canucks coach Tortorella looking at the Heritage Classic as perfect opportunity for team to get it together

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The Vancouver Canucks will be the host team on Sunday as they face the Ottawa Senators. Both teams have not been having good matches, especially  the Canucks whose matchups have mostly resulted in losses and their performance is but a mere shadow of what they used to be.
Canucks head coach John Tortorella is looking at the Heritage Classic as the perfect opportunity for the Canucks to loosen up a bit and get their game together as it has been some time since they played outdoors. The Canucks score is 28-24-10 and the past 8 out of 9 games have been losses, so they desperately need to perform way better this time and bag this one. The more the wins, the better their chances of making it postseason.
Tortorella said that the team really needed some outdoor matches to breathe again and feel the life in the sport. As they had their team practice on an improvised rink at B.C. Place Stadium on Saturday, Tortorella said that having an open practice lifted the spirits of the team.
“Sometimes when you get into an outdoor situation, you feel like it’s back when you were playing pond hockey,” said Tortorella.
Tortorella said that after playing pro ice hockey for so long, sometimes all the players needed was to kick back and play the game as they used to back in their old days when it was simpler. That brought some meaning and life back into things and motivated them.
“I think some of our guys need to, offensively, just allow themselves to play some shinny hockey. Maybe this’ll help us, I don’t know, because you can’t help but enjoy it when you’re in a situation like this.”
Tortorella has his intentions on the subject of reviving the team and wants the Canucks to enjoy the match against Senators so that they will perform better. He has done his part to ease the team after the Olympic break had ended and players came back from the Olympics of break. To get their playoff berth in a better position, the Canucks will have to both enjoy the match, get their game back and win it at the same time. 
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