Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald scrutinizes his own team

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Arizona Cardinals star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has recorded 27 catches this season, but still has a long way to go if he want to enter into the Top 10 WRs of this season. Fitzgerald’s 427 receiving yards rank him 12th in the league, which is 358 yards behind the table leader Wes Welker of New England Patriots.

Fitzgerald has a total of 67 career touchdown receptions, but has recorded just two this year. However, these statistics are gathered from 5 games, while all other NFL teams have played 6 games. This means Fitzgerald still has a good chance of breaking into the Top 5 WRs of this season.

Fitzgerald and the new quarterback, Kevin Kolb have been putting on a good show this season, nonetheless the duo were expected to hit off impeccably with unmatchable chemistry. Fitzgerald admits there is something missing between him and Kolb but he just can’t figure it out yet. Nevertheless, Fitzgerald confesses that he has "no frustration at all".

The 28-year-old quarterback did say that he isn’t getting the ball like he used. He further explained that the number of passes he used to receive has decreased. In an interview after the Thursday practice Fitzgerald said, "Things come in bunches, you know. I'm always going to stay confident and try to be ready when my number's called. You can't allow that stuff to seep into your mind, the doubt or anything like that, you've got to just stay positive."

Fitzgerald criticized the talent pool of his team by presenting the Cardinals’ 2008 Super Bowl squad as a benchmark. Fitzgerald commented, "He asked me what's different about 2008, and I just explained to him you've got to remember Kurt Warner was here, he's a Hall of Famer. Anquan Boldin was here, he's a three- or four-time Pro Bowler. I mean, we had Antrel Rolle, we had Karlos Dansby. We're talking about Pro Bowl-caliber guys on both sides of the ball. I wasn't saying that we 'need' these type of players."

However, Fitzgerald made it clear that he did not want to criticize anyone from the present squad. Fitzgerald told media that he usually refrains from pointing fingers but he needed to make his point clear. Fitzgerald said, "I'm never going to throw anybody under the bus, man."

Teams facing Cardinals usually try to take Fitzgerald out of the equation, which makes the game either about the offence or defense. Fitzgerald explained that this directly affected the number of passes he received; nevertheless he did not care about it as long as his team won.

Fitzgerald explained, "I don't really think of it like that. The defense is going to do what the defense is going to do. We have to adjust off of it. It doesn't matter if Jerry Rice is playing here or Shannon Sharpe or we had a team of all stars. The ball has to go where it's supposed to go. It's as simple as that."


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