Cardinals beat the Braves in 1-game playoff after controversial infield fly rule

Even the MLB doesn't understand the infield fly rule

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Blog Photo - Cardinals beat the Braves in 1-game playoff after controversial infield fly ruleIs it any surprise that the first scheduled 1-game playoff in baseball history was skewed by an umpire's terrible call?

It shouldn't surprise anyone. That's just how the baseball gods dialed it up.

The Braves and Cardinals squared off in the first 1-game wild card playoff ever, and it ended up being a pretty wild scene.

In the 8th inning, with the Braves trailing 6-3 with one out, Andrelton Simmons hit a bloop into left field. Somehow, despite being far beyond the infield, the umpire put the infield fly rule into effect, meaning Simmons was immediately out, and the runners could run at their own peril.

Check out the video:

With the ball dropping between the shortstop and left fielder, the Braves should have had the bases loaded with 1 out. Instead, they had runners on 2nd and 3rd with two outs.

Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez protested the game, but it's unlikely that anything will change. The Braves lost 6-3, and it's going to stay that way.

To review: Here's where the ball ended up landing:

Braves fans weren't exactly thrilled, and began throwing debris on the field.

Blog Photo - Cardinals beat the Braves in 1-game playoff after controversial infield fly rule
(photo courtesy of Jose3030)

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports raises an interesting point. Perhaps there shouldn't be extra umpires in the playoffs, since an ump running out from 2nd or 3rd base would never consider that ball in the infield.

It's a solid point, especially considering the fact that we haven't had any kind of improvement with the extra umps. If anything, playoff baseball has had MORE controversial calls then the regular season.

Remember CB Bucknor? How about Phil Cuzzi?

The funniest part: The MLB Twitter account even said that they don't understand the infield fly rule either.

Blog Photo - Cardinals beat the Braves in 1-game playoff after controversial infield fly rule
(courtesy of Cole Fitzpatrick)

Needless to say, they removed that line from their twitter bio.

What do you think? Does Major League Baseball have to do something about their umpiring?
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mikeyintheoc1 wrote:
Rotten call. Both tried to make a play on it.

The F7 did not try to make a play on the ball he slowed down and gave way even started to take steps towrds center field.

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Throwing trash on the field was not the right way to do it, but part of me is happy to see Braves fans 1) bother to show up and fill Turner Field for a playoff game and 2) actually show some emotion beyond the PA-cued chant & chop.

The call was ludicrous. You could look at what happens next and say it doesn't change the outcome of the game, but you can't predict that, because bases loaded, one out would trigger a different pitching sequence than 2nd and 3rd, two out. The two extra umpires are supposed to be there to help ensure they get the calls RIGHT. 

I'd say it's the worst call I've seen made by an umpire since another one at Turner Field, that one in the bottom of the 19th against the Pirates in 2011. Even though I'm a Braves fan and it went in their favor, he was out at home by five feet. It probably derailed the Pirates' momentum for their first chance at a winning season in two decades.

10/6/12   |   mikeyintheoc1   |   35 respect

Rotten call. Both tried to make a play on it.

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I would bet and win that the person on the MLB twitter is not an official nor is he on the rules committee for MLB. To many times I have seen someone for MLB try to explain the rules only to mess them up, only a few weeks ago with the Marlins is one example. The announcers who do this everyday mess up the rules, so it should not surprising that someone on twitter made a foolish comment.

There was a play with Marlins when the batter runner hit the ball down the first base line as Lee ran down the line he avoided the tag and realized he was going by the bag reached out with his hand. He touched the bag before the before being tagged and his hand came off the bag with the glove still touching him. He was called out and, and the call from MLB was because he was tagged after touching the base he could be called out, which is wrong because the rules makes it clear you cannot be tagged out for over running or sliding first base. So hearing someone at MLB does not know the rules or gets them really messed up is not surprising.

I do agree that was a little far to be called an infield fly, if he would have taken less then 6 steps the 3U who would have had that call in a 4 man rotation (not the 2U) may have called it an infield fly. Yes you can go back and see it being done in the Majors in the years past. Good thing it takes a few things to happen for the umpires and players to be put in that situation, but then it is a curse for the same reason. If you do not see it a lot people tend to make mistakes more often. So Jon Heyman of CBS sports going ahead make another foolish remark just as the person who made one on twitter, for I am sure by covering baseball for so  many years you truly do not know the rule or how to apply them as well as you think.


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The Twitter feed snapshot is just awesome.