Cardinals coach Ray Horton loses a bet on his majestic cornrows from his own men

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Whether it is because of his hair style or his defensive philosophy, Ray Horton is one of the most quirky coaches in the NFL. Horton, who was selected to become the defensive coordinator for Arizona Cardinals this year normally wears a cornrow, however fans and media were surprised to see his new appearance when the team came back from their trip to Philadelphia.


Actually, Horton’s fanned out hair were hard not to notice when the team climbed out of the plane. At that moment, the 51-year-old coach could pass out for a lost hippie from the 80s. The issue remains to be a big mystery for defensive end Calais Campbell, who said, “I don’t know why he’s doing it. It’s fun to pick on him a little bit, though. Everyone is coming up with different nicknames. Adds life to the locker room, which is good.”


Cornerback Richard Marshall was also found commenting on the issue. Marshall informed, “I asked him, but he really didn’t say too much. He probably doesn’t like it. I don’t know what the situation was.” Well, that probably just made it more awkward.


On the other hand, Horton did not seem pleased with state of his hair. On the issue Horton simply said that his hair will be back to normal on Sunday when the Cardinals play against the San Francisco 49ers. From his tone it certainly didn’t seem like he had asked his hair to commit suicide.


The matter was brought into light this afternoon in an interview with Horton. It turns out Horton made a bet with Cardinals’ offensive linemen. Yes, that’s right… the bet was not with the defensive linemen (who could have let him off the hook) but Cardinals OL.


Horton informed that he agreed to vanquish his cornrows if the Cardinals broke their losing streak. The Cardinals did break their losing streak against the St. Louis Rams but the OL didn’t follow up on the bet. When they finally mentioned it Horton convinced them that he would do it if the Cardinals pulled another victory, this time against the Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately, for Horton the Cardinals made their single victory into a 2-match winning streak.


Horton said “they all looked at me like I was crazy,” when he stepped out from the plane. Michael and Bill Bidwill also saw Horton and asked him to leave his hair that way for the game in saw San Francisco. Horton obviously didn’t agree to it as he wants to look professional for the matchup.


However, Horton has agreed to let his hair run free if the Cardinals beat the 49ers and the Rams on the road in the following two weeks. Horton declared that he will let his hair down in the home game against the Dallas Cowboys if the Cardinals manage to pull that. The date is fixed at December 4, which means things could get a bit hairy for the Cardinals from here on.

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