Cardinals trade Levi Brown to the Steelers

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsAn undisclosed source has claimed that the Pittsburgh Steelers have traded with the Arizona Cardinals. The trade includes Levi Brown and in return the Steelers have consented to a conditional draft pick. The deal is not final though, as Brown has yet to be tested for health and physical standards before being accepted.
Levi Brown did not fulfill the prospects hoped from him during his stay with the Cardinals. He was selected as the fifth overall pick in the 2007 draft. He was right tackle for the Cardinals during the 2008 Super Bowl while still a rookie. Even so, he did not evolve into the tackle they had hoped he might become.
He was absent from the entire 2012 season due to torn triceps and upon his return the new coach Bruce Arians categorized an elite tackle the new head coach Bruce Arians. He was let down by the performance Brown gave on the field, especially the pass rush on the edges. Browns performance has been sketchy at the best. He is unreliable and isn’t playing well for now. During the season opener, he allowed Robert Quinn to score three sacks.
His position will be given to Bradley Sowell who was claimed from the Indianapolis Colts. During Arians time with as the offensive coordinator for the Colts, he played 10 games. The Steelers really need to up their game as they are going 0-4, especially on the offensive line.
Mike Adams hasn’t shown much of a promise to the left side. Center Maurkice Pouncey will be sitting out the entire year owing to a season ending right knee injury. Even though Adam had previously been at the right tackle spot, he has failed to adapt to the left and his performance is proof for it. During the match in London against the Vikings which ended in a 34-27 loss, Adam gave 2 1 -2 sacks to the Vikings defensive end Jared Allen. Adams was substituted for a brief time by Kelvin Beachum.
The Pittsburgh Steelers are having one of the worst season in their franchise history and the worst one in 45 years. They will be going to New York to face the New York Jets for their match up on October 13.
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Good riddance. It will probably be a late round draft pick to for a former #5 overall. And to think they passed on Adrian Peterson for him. no