Carl Crawford says the Boston media was the worst thing he's ever experienced

Carl Crawford wants even less fans in Boston, rips the fans and media after leaving town

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August 15, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Boston Red Sox left fielder Carl Crawford (13) at bat in the third inning against the Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The Orioles defeated the Red Sox 5 - 3. Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY SportsCarl Crawford should feel glad that the Red Sox traded him to the Dodgers, a team with tons of money to throw around and desperate to win a championship.

He has been on a team like that before. The Red Sox, in fact. He played for the Sox in 2011 and 2012, if you even want to call it that. He was one of the worst free agent signings in team history, and underachieved on almost every level.

After averaging 50 steals per 162 games, Crawford stole only 23 bases in 161 games with the Red Sox over the course of two seasons. His career OPS+ was 107, and it dipped to 85 in 2011, his first year with the Sox.

By all accounts, he was a huge disappointment. That's why Boston fans aren't huge Carl Crawford fans, and he knows it.

"I get it, I didn't perform," he said. "I got the money. I didn't perform. I gave them every reason."

Yet somehow, he still thinks that there's somehow a personal vendetta against him that caused the fans and media to hate him.

"It just wasn't the right place for me at the end of my day. I didn't do my homework. Maybe they didn't, either. At the end of the day, it just wasn't the place for me. That smile turned upside down quick. I think they want to see that in Boston. They love it when you're miserable. Burying people in the media, they think that makes a person play better. That media was the worst thing I've ever experienced in my life."

Actually, Carl, here in Boston we would have preferred for you to be the happiest player in the league. We would have preferred to see you leading the Red Sox to multiple World Series championships, and we would have loved nothing more than to see you performing like the MVP-caliber player that you were in Tampa.

In short, Boston fans would have loved to see Carl Crawford play like a guy worthy of a $140M contract. You know... like the one he received to play in Boston.

But instead, Crawford played at a AAA level. It's no surprise that Boston fans weren't thrilled, since they only want to win. With the Rays, Crawford had been worth around 4-6 wins per year, pretty consistently. In Boston, he had a WAR of 0.0 in 2011.

But somehow, Crawford thinks the media just wanted him to be miserable. Apparently it never occurred to him that HE was making the Boston fans and media miserable, and all they wanted was for him to be successful.

"I took so much of a beating in Boston, I don't think anything could bother me anymore. They can say what they want -- that I'm the worst free agent ever -- and it won't get to me. But it bothered me the whole time there."

When Carl Crawford can name a worse free agent, I'd be more than happy to discuss it. But not many players get paid over $140M and end up being literally worthless, as Crawford was in Boston.

"Look how they treat [John] Lackey."

February 28, 2013; Bradenton, FL, USA; Boston Red Sox starting pitcher John Lackey (41) reacts after he gave up a 3-run home run during the third inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates at McKechnie Field.  Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY SportsI'm not sure that's the best comparison, Mr. Crawford. John Lackey was literally the worst full-time starting pitcher in the history of the Red Sox in 2011, and then he revealed that he was injured and would miss the entire 2012 season. Oh, and he was also signed for 5 years and $82M. Of course Red Sox fans are less than thrilled with him.

Not to mention the fact that a lot of Red Sox fans are cutting Lackey some slack at this point, now that he has lost a ton of weight, and looks like he's ready for a bounceback year.

If Lackey has a good season, all will be forgiven and forgotten in Boston. Lackey will be loved, just like other great players in team history. As long as he has a great season.

"Adrian [Gonzalez] hit 30 home runs (actually 27), and they talked about him not hitting home runs."

To be fair, Red Sox fans were actually pretty upset when Gonzalez was included in the trade to the Dodgers. They still loved Adrian Gonzalez.

The reason people talked about the power outage was because Gonzalez hit 17 HR in the first half of 2011, and then only 10 in the second half, and only 15 in 123 games in 2012. Compared to when he was hitting 32 HR per 162 games in pitcher-friendly San Diego, that's a huge disappointment in Fenway Park, which is considered a hitter's park.

Boston fans are sometimes ruthless to players who don't perform. But it's not without reason. Boston fans are some of the smartest in the nation, and if they don't like a player, there's a reason.

Whining about it won't make you any new fans, Carl. They may not love you in Boston, but at least they care. Good luck with that in Los Angeles.
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Boston's media is Mother Teresa compared to L.A.'s.  What are Laker fans going to talk about after they're out of the playoffs?  Good Luck Carl, stay off the DL