Carmelo Anthony Calls Out Teammates

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Blog Photo - Carmelo Anthony Calls Out Teammates
After getting blown out by the Atlanta Hawks 110-90 Saturday evening, Carmelo Anthony voiced his opinions loud and clear about his team.
"We ain't playing worth a s--- right now," Anthony said. "We got to play harder. I am disappointed too in all of our effort. We are just not getting it done. It ain't nothing that Coach [Mike] Woodson is doing [or not doing]. It ain't got nothing to do with X's and O's out there on the basketball court. We are not getting it done from an effort standpoint. It's like we are not even trying right now."
Despite having 23 points and 12 rebounds, Anthony feels like he as to do more as the leader of the team. But even the tunnel-visioned Melo knows that he cannot win games by himself.
"You just got to do more I guess," Anthony said. "Just try to go out there and get it done as a team. I am not going to do it by myself. I don't want to do it by myself. We got to do it as a team. We keep digging ourselves deeper and deeper. It's frustrating. Messed up feeling. Nasty feeling. I really am kind of at a loss for words right now."
Sadly, this is not the only time that the Knicks have been blown out at home. Last week, they lost to the San Antonio Spurs by thirty-one points and were rained down with a chorus of boo's. The Knicks now find themselves with a record of 3-6 and may not even make the playoffs this year due to the rising competition in the Eastern Conference. With Tyson Chandler out at least another 3-4 weeks - the equivalent of another 12-14 games - the Knicks have to do something, and something fast.
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