Carmelo Anthony: Knicks Lack Fight

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Blog Photo - Carmelo Anthony: Knicks Lack Fight
In the second anticipated meeting between the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets, the Nets proved to be the bigger brother on MLK Day with a 23-point win. The Nets used every mismatch they could find on the court to their advantage and exploited the small ball line-up of the Knicks.
A disgruntled Carmelo Anthony said after the game, "That's the only thing that kind of bothers me: Today we didn't even fight. I felt like we didn't fight as a team. Them guys from the jump ball just came in and it felt like they owned us. We couldn't get into defensive sets and [were] just scrambling and double-teaming and switching, basically just scrambling the whole game. They played to the mismatches. That's something that Jason does well, even when he was here. That was his big thing: play to the mismatch.”
The Knicks were on a 5-game win streak in early January, but have recently lost four in a row, including a  14-point loss to the Clippers on Friday and 23-point loss to the Nets on Monday. The Knicks are now 15-26 and 2 games behind the 8th seed Bobcats, but if they continue to trade their win streaks for their losing streaks, they may not be able to overcome the 2 game gap in time for the playoffs where every game counts.
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