Carmelo Anthony gets wax statue, now wants NBA title

Carmelo finally gets wax statue, now wants NBA title

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Blog Photo - Carmelo Anthony gets wax statue, now wants NBA title

'My time is coming,' said Carmelo Anthony
at the unveiling of his slightly overweight wax statue at Maddam Tussaud's on Tuesday morning.  'His time,' according to Anthony, begins with losing a few pounds, an undertaking inspired by watching Lebron win the title last week. Sometimes, only the words of the superstars can do their story justice. Here is a collection of the verbal gems put out there by the now "extra motivated" Carmelo Anthony. 

"Right now, I exceeded their expectations, and when they saw me the other day, they were kind of shocked to see me down in weight" -- Carmelo on how the coaches expected their superstar would stay overweight for the remainder of his career.

"They came to my workout, they saw it. They're actually excited about how much hard work that I'm putting in and the things I'm doing right now" -- Carmelo on the excitement building around him putting in work in the offseason.

"Myself, Tyson and Jeremy was out there in LA working out and training and things like that" -- Carmelo, hard pressed for words to describe putting in work with teammates in the offseason.

"Money always comes into play, so that's a big thing" -- Carmelo on the Knicks making a play in free agency.

Just incase you're worried that Carmelo will never get that elusive NBA Title and finish his career unfulfilled, rest assured, the title is merely #2 on his bucket list.

"This is the No. 1 thing, I never imagined first just me being in this museum representing New York like this. This is at the top of my list."

Watch out NBA! Carmelo's got his wax statue and is somewhat re-focused on the notion of working fairly hard so that he might be able to win something one day. 

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