Carmelo Anthony has the Knicks in a New York state of mind

Why can't Knicks fans just Melo out?

10/23/13 in NBA   |   jq423   |   3 respect

Blog Photo - NY STATE OF MINDAre NY fans unfair? Are they too entitled at times? Do they never appreciate what they have until its gone? Remember when NY wanted Patrick Ewing to go? What happened after he left? It turned into the worst era of NY Knicks basketball. That all ended when James Dolan decided to trade for a fellow named Carmelo Anthony. But just like with Ewing, Anthony cant do enough or be appreciated.

Coming off a year in 2012 where he led the NBA in scoring and playing through a bad shoulder injury, Carmelo still gets slammed that hes not a leader and is very selfish on the court. Leadership isnt always measured by saying something, it can be measured by setting an example. Since Mike Woodson has been named head coach, Carmelo has played more defense than he probably has in his career. He's a small forward, guarding guys that have at least 30 pounds on him and possibly a couple of inches. He never complained about it at all last year.

Anthony's biggest fault is that he isn't LeBron James. How you can fault someone for not being someone else is besides me. I'm not gonna give you stats to back up my thought. I'm gonna use the old naked eye to give my opinion. Patrick Ewing use to get blamed for the same thing; not being Michael Jordan or better.

Sports is often about timing, especially when you talk about athletes' careers. If this current Knicks team was put together about 5 years ago in the Eastern Conference, they would be going to the NBA finals year in and year outThese current Knicks aren't in bad shape. If you were to listen to some of these fans, you would think they're gonna be a terrible team. This group has a shot at getting to the finals, but if you were to remove Carmelo, that shot goes out the window.

Its pretty sad that a lot of Knicks have forgotten the Isiah Thomas years as General Manager and Head Coach. The Knicks were a laughable franchise on so many levels. Between guys eating themselves out of the league and being charged with sexual harassment, they were a circus that never ended. It was a very painful era to watch and read about.

That all ended when James Dolan hired Donnie Walsh as GM. He got the Knicks under the cap to have a shot to make a trade for a player like Carmelo. These type trades change your franchise for years to come. That's exactly what it has done. Now, the Knicks are a top 5 team in the Eastern Conference in back to back years. I'm not saying it's only because of Carmelo, but you need him to beat Lebron and company. Hes not afraid of the big moment or failing, just like Ewing wasn't afraid of failing.

The reason I am tying these two together is that I feel like a lot of Knicks fans in the '90s didnt enjoy what they had in Ewing. Now, I'm starting to feel like we are entering the same type of mentality with Carmelo.

Hey Knick fans, how about you enjoy the type of team we have instead complaining about what Carmelo isn't good at? He gives the Knicks the best chance right now to chase a ring. Unless you can get Lebron 
tomorrow, this isnt gonna change. Embrace his greatness because if you don't, it's not guaranteed the Knicks won't end up being terrible again just like they did after Ewing left!
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11/8/13   |   jq423   |   3 respect

the pieces the knicks gave up for melo havent fared well in DEN but the pick I agree . Lets also understand that the NBA lockout looming kind of forced his hand

10/24/13   |   TonyDhani   |   9 respect

melo gets flak only because the new york market, but he's not without blame entirely either. let's remember when he was traded to new york in the first place. he could have waited to be a unrestricted free agent at the end of the year, and just signed with the knicks outright. but he was adamant about getting the max extension from denver and going to new york in a trade (before the new CBA was going to cut the money he could earn). that package was Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler, Timofey Mozgov and a 2014 first-round pick. felton ended up coming back, but Gallinari and the draft pick could have ended up being difference makers playing alongside melo going forward. donnie walsh and glen grunwald have done a fantastic job, but the bottom line is that the knick team melo led that year was very depleted because melo wanted his money. and now i think we're all judging him for that, and rightly so. he wanted the spotlight, he wanted this to be his team, and he's got his wish. i view last season as a success, but now it's all on him to build on it. 

10/24/13   |   marcus_nyce   |   27833 respect

Dan_B wrote:
How many score-first 4s can one team have??

All of them.

10/23/13   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

marcus_nyce wrote:
As a Knicks fan I agree with this, but still question the pieces around him.

How many score-first 4s can one team have??

10/23/13   |   marcus_nyce   |   27833 respect

As a Knicks fan I agree with this, but still question the pieces around him.