Carrick convinced Fergusonís legacy wonít be replaced by complacency

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Blog Photo - Carrick convinced Fergusonís legacy wonít be replaced by complacency
With the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, many believe Manchester United will never be the same or come close to acquiring silverware with the ease the Old Trafford boss had found out to be. Manchester United’s player of the season, Michael Carrick believes the winning mentality and the never-die spirit will stay lit up in the Red Devils in spite of Sir Alex Ferguson’s absence.
Michael Carrick, who won his fifth Premier League title since being bought from Tottenham Hotspur for £18.6 million, is convinced he and his teammates will live by the way Sir Alex Ferguson has taught them.
Sir Alex Ferguson retired after spending over 26 years as manager of Manchester United, his last game being a 5-5 draw against West Bromwich Albion on last Sunday. The legendary gaffer will be replaced by the Everton manager David Moyes in a couple of weeks.
Michael Carrick claims Sir Alex Ferguson’s way of play isn’t something the players will forget. The England international claims the hunger for glory has been imbued in each Manchester United player and is expected to remain their till the end.
“It is the mentality and desire,” Michael Carrick told the Manchester Evening News. “The enthusiasm never to give in, which you have seen for so many years. That is ingrained in the players now. Hopefully we will carry that on.”
David Moyes, the incumbent manager of Manchester United, has yet to kick-off the offseason with his new team. Michael Carrick admits the factor of getting to know a new manager is present, but is convinced that David Moyes is the right man to become the new boss of Old Trafford.
“As players we are embracing the challenge. For so long we have had the stability of knowing what to expect. We could turn up for pre-season and know how we would be preparing,” Michael Carrick said. “There are going to be certain things that are new. But many will stay the same of course because there is a structure there and there is not a lot wrong.
“As a group of players we are looking forward to the new manager coming in. We are looking forward to working with him and improving as a squad and taking the club forward.”
David Moyes is expected to train the Manchester United squad for the offseason friendlies in the upcoming weeks. 
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