Carrie Stroup Might Be This Years Hot Super Bowl Media Day Reporter, Like Ines Gomez-Mont Was Last Year

Remember Ines Gomez-Mont? Well, Here's The NEXT Hot Super Bowl Media Day Reporter You'll Be Hearing About.

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Super Bowl Reporter Carrie Stroup: A Day in The Life Of… [Gambling911]
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1/27/09   |   prdppatil

VERYYYY sexxy pic
i ever seen

1/27/09   |   nkhokhawat

too good!!!!1!!!!

1/27/09   |   rohank911

 well , thats quite d hottest thing i've ever seen

1/27/09   |   Mr_SANT   |   1 respect

well, i'm waiting for your hot... ups, report... wish ur report as hot as you...

1/27/09   |   RichmondSpider

Well, she certainly is professional looking...

1/26/09   |   streetballer123   |   3965 respect

This girl makes my rod hard.

1/26/09   |   spankyc14   |   14 respect


1/26/09   |   derms33   |   17653 respect

As far as the pci with the boxing gloves..."Drop The Gloves"...

1/26/09   |   dumpsterdave6   |   1 respect

I always get suckered into clicking on these stories and am usually happy for doing it.

1/26/09   |   dumpsterdave6   |   1 respect

1/26/09   |   keebs8   |   1701 respect

At the conclusion of SB43 it has been reported that Carrie Stroup is chillin with the KEEBS!!

1/26/09   |   ravishremo

no words to say about picture

1/26/09   |   Raider_Dave   |   47 respect

"Enough of my rambling, here's an obscene amount of pictures of Carrie Stroup, since that's what you're all here for anyway"

Note to author: The word obscene has no place in this article.  Very nice otherwise.

1/26/09   |   JKB37   |   2409 respect

rpsn wrote:
wow excellent .... then Who will watch the Match??coz lot of entertainment  by these cuties

Yes, then who will watch the football match? 

1/26/09   |   maxpain99

(Edited by maxpain99)

if she gives you what u want go for it .......i mean i would ......any sexy thing like that looks better with some oil if you know what i mean

1/26/09   |   rpsn   |   2 respect

wow excellent .... then Who will watch the Match??coz lot of entertainment  by these cuties

1/26/09   |   erock_p_07871   |   252 respect

Wow......she has an immense amount of "talent"....:)

1/26/09   |   mrturk   |   20 respect

Obviously well qualified to be an on-camera reporter.  I look forward to seeing her broadcasts.

1/26/09   |     |   1 respect

I would be more than happy to represent FANIQ at SB43...I know I could report on the game and festivities in a non bias fashion ...........................Go Steelers hahahaha

1/26/09   |   elmemyn

nice garil and lovly

1/26/09   |   sntosk


1/26/09   |   rua4102

 she can propose to me.............AND...............i will NOT turn her down...............or i could be her sex slave....

1/26/09   |   rahimmahmood34

garnet_kev wrote:

1/26/09   |   garnet_kev


1/26/09   |   garnet_kev

Nice picture...a photogenic one