Cashing In

3/2/13 in WWE   |   kjbriden   |   19 respect

        Dolph Ziggler, Mr. Money-in-the-Bank, has been holding onto his briefcase since the July pay-per-view, just waiting for him to cash it in and try his luck at the World Heavyweight Championship.  Ziggler had the title given to him once before by Vickie Guerrero and has previously held the Intercontinental Championship title, however, the Money-in-the-Bank case is his first valid opportunity for the coveted gold belt of SmackDown.
        Until 2012, no Superstar had ever cashed in their briefcase and lost.  It had always been an almost guaranteed win.  That is, until John Cena announced the date and time of his cash-in against CM Punk for the WWE Championship and failed to steal the title away from him.  So, what does this mean for The Show Off?  What was supposed to be a guaranteed deal is now not so solid of an opportunity, and the clock ticking down to Wrestlemania is getting louder and louder.
        More than anything, I want Dolph Ziggler to cash in and take the title, but it looks like his window of opportunity is closing.  Alberto del Rio, the current title holder, is quickly turning into a fan favorite: he's successfully turned babyface with a firm stance against bullying, he's defended legends like J.R., and his feud with Big Show contained some of the most amusing promos from the giant in months. The Wrestlemania match for the World Heavyweight Championship is already set, and a passionate and controversial feud has been ignited between Del Rio and his opponent Jack Swagger: can Ziggler really step into the middle of it, cash in his briefcase, and expect to win before Wrestlemania?
        Unfortunately, that answer is no.  Ziggler is one of the best wrestlers, the best entertainers, and the best personalities they have out in that ring, but the Show Off is too good at one other thing: selling.  Ziggler is the best seller they have because he puts his life and his body on the line like nobody else does.  He sells every hit, every bump, every finisher better than 99% of the WWE locker room and by doing so has added validity to Superstars who might not have gone over without him.  Ziggler, like many other Superstars, works his tail off for the company but has been rewarded with very little in the way of Championships.  He might be able to play with the big boys, but that doesn't mean they will let him.
        Ziggler has a match next Friday on SmackDown against Del Rio, and it will give an interesting preview of what could happen with the Money-in-the-Bank contract, but Dolph, I'm sorry, I'm not holding my breath.
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