Cavaliers gamble on Andrew Bynum with 2-year, $24.5 million deal

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After last seasons’ debacle that saw Andrew Bynum traded to the Philadelphia 76ers and still not play a minute at center due to knee issues, most teams learnt to stay away from the two-time NBA champion. But there were still reportedly a few takers for the free agent center on the market this year, as they viewed him as a high-risk, high-reward, who could make a comeback If he doesn’t face health issues and is able to return to his 2011-12 form.
So, the Cleveland Cavaliers struck just that sort of deal that will allow the team to roll the dice on former All-Star while protecting the team from any big losses if Andrew Bynum’s health issues resurface again over the terms of their deal. Even though $24.5 million seems a lot for a player who has struggled with knee issues through the majority of his NBA career and had several surgeries performed to curb the problem, there is a catch in it.
Only $6 million of Andrew Bynum’s deal is guaranteed in the first year, and the second year is a team option, according to reports.
The 7-footer Andrew Bynum was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers last season as part of a four-team blockbuster deal that sent Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers. But Andrew Bynum proved a bust in Philadelphia and his market value came under scrutiny after the Philadelphia 76ers gave up swingman Andre Iguodala and three draft picks, and still Bynum 25-year-old never stepped on the court.
The Philadelphia 76ers kept extending Andrew Bynum’s return schedule throughout the 2012-13 season until Bynum finally conceded and shut down himself in March. Consequently, Andrew Bynum underwent arthroscopic knee surgery on both knees.
However, with the Philadelphia 76ers front office working under new general manager Sam Hinkie, it was never quite clear whether the team had interest in re-signing Andrew Bynum. Nevertheless, the Philadelphia 76ers’ draft-day trade that netted Kentucky center Nerlens Noel did shed some light that the team was preparing to move on from Andrew Bynum.
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