Cavs Fans Really, Really, Really Don't Like Larry Hughes

1/18/08 in NBA   |   Seth   |   301 respect

It goes without saying that Larry Hughes has one the best/worst contracts in the NBA. One of the best if your name is Larry Hughes, one of the worst if you're any other person who knows anything about the NBA (twice as bad if your name is Danny Ferry). Well, Larry, guess what. There's a website out there dedicated just to you. It's called Hey Larry Hughes, Please Stop Taking So Many Bad Shots (.com). They track his game log of missed shots, offer comparisons to his suckitude, and even write haikus.


Yes, we beat the Spurs
But two for seven is still
Not worth $12 million

Brick brick brick brick brick
Brick brick, brick brick, brick brick brick
Pay him $12 million


Even Yahoo! Sports has gotten into the fun, contributing a list of ten baseball players who had higher batting averages than Larry Hughes' shooting percentages.

So Mr. Hughes enjoy your bloated contract while missing easy jumpers, and remember, the Knicks might still try to trade for you.

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