Cavs interested in Andrew Bynum, make $24 million offer

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsAndrew Bynum’s camp has been shopping for a one-year deal that will allow the injury riddled player to prove he’s still capable of playing in the NBA at a high-level before he hits the free agency again the next year. But the Cleveland Cavaliers have other ideas.  The team is pushing for Bynum to agree to a two-year, $24 million offer, but Yahoo! Sport’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Cleveland Cavaliers could quickly run out of patience.
The 25-year-old Bynum naturally thinks he’s worth more and could eventually pass up on that offer as he gauges the level of interest from other teams. Bynum met with the Cavaliers on Monday and left to travel to Atlanta where he will meet with the Hawks officials. The Dallas Mavericks have also been reportedly interested in Bynum.
Meanwhile the Cavaliers have been also going after free agents Andrei Kirilenko and Elton Brand, in attempts to get them to sign one-year deals. This development should put additional pressure on Bynum to make a decision on the Cavaliers’ offer since signing the two above free agents will preclude the team from the ability to lock Bynum to a deal.
Despite concerns regarding Bynum’s health, after he was forced to sit out the entire 2012-13 season with knee surgery, the Cavaliers worked out the deal in a way that will protect them against losses if Bynum fails to live-up to his past potential. If Bynum’s knee issues pop-up again during the next season, the Cavaliers will pay him million at that time, which won’t necessarily burn a hole in their pockets considering they already have a cap space to pay him, and then they will be done with him. The second-year of Bynum’s deal contains a team option that will allow the Cavaliers cut ties instead of having him on the books for a second-year. The Cavaliers’ offer also includes incentives that require Bynum to complete training camp and reach certain minutes and games played benchmarks in the regular season.
But if Bynum’s damaged knee allow him to make a resurgence this season, then Cavaliers will have the ability to bring back a potentially maximum potential player at a discount price.
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