Center Nazr Mohammed looking to retire with Chicago Bulls

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If Nazr Mohammed has learnt anything during his 14 seasons in the NBA, it’s that don’t set your heart on one team when a long-term future isn’t guaranteed. However, that doesn’t stop the Chicago native from dreaming of retirement as a Chicago Bulls player.
A fresh faced Nazr Mohammed entered the league on Utah Jazz’s draft pick, but he was traded the same night to the Philadelphia 76ers. Not much there to build-on with his first team if you ask me.
After two and a half seasons, Nazr Mohammed was already on the move with Atlanta Hawks. In the middle of 2004, Nazr Mohammed started playing for the New York Knicks and for the next three years, he split a season each between the New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs and the Detroit Pistons. There was again some stability between 2007-2011 seasons when Nazr Mohammed landed a job with the Charlotte Bobcats; before he had a single season spell with the rest of the young squad of Oklahoma City Thunder, who made an NBA Finals run in 2011.
“If you have a long career, I’m pretty sure you’re going to play for 4-5 teams at a minimum,” stated Nazr Mohammed.
However, after seeing so many colors across the league Nazr Mohammed realized no other NBA franchise held the charms of his home team and returned to sign a 3.75 million contract with the Chicago Bulls, to feed his retirement dreams.
“When I decided to sign this summer, my goal was to finish up here,” said Nazr Mohammed, who also considered signing with the Chicago Bulls in 2006. “That’s always the goal”
“You can have your goals, but hopefully your goals and management’s goals are on the same page,” Nazr Mohammed cautioned on the retirement front based on his turbulent experience with the league. “Also when I was in OKC, I was hoping to finish up in OKC.”
But more or less, Chicago Bulls could prove to be the ideal retirement base for Mohammed Nazr, who digs the “comfort level” at home.
“I’m happy to be home,” expressed Nazr Mohammed. “It’s great to be in a city where there are so many familiar things around.”
Nazr Mohammed has a career average of 6.6 points, 5.2 rebounds and 0.7 blocks, playing 834 regular-season games with 341 starts (and 66 postseason games).
And Nazr Mohammed is playing up the post retirement numbers, averaging 9 points, 9.6 rebounds, and 1.3 blocks, shooting .434 percent from the field during three preseason games for the Chicago Bulls.
Even Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau praised the improvements in Nazr Mohammed’s performance this season on the second team.
“I think he’s played very well. Just his ability to execute,” Tom Thibodeau said regarding Nazr Mohammed’s strong offensive capabilities. Offensively, he’s a very good screener, tough on the offensive boards, catches the ball deep in the paint”
“And defensively, his size at the rim is a big factor for us,” continued Tom Thibodeau. “So I’m very pleased with how he’s played, and I think he can play better, but he’s been everything we thought he’d be.” 

However, the ever humble Nazr Mohammed found issue with his defensive skills and indicated he’s working on them with the coach.
“I’d like to get a couple more defensive boards… I’d like to get a couple more defensive boards,” Nazr Mohammed added to his goals.

The Chicago Bulls Nazr Mohammed center becomes a free agent after this season.
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