Chad Johnson's Next End Zone Dance to Have Corporate Sponsorship

9/27/07 in NFL   |   Jon   |   5 respect's latest spokesperson is none other than Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson.

Following in the footsteps of Danica Patrick, Johnson will star in a series of ads for the web services company. The ads will begin airing this Saturday on ESPN2 during their college football coverage.

As part of Chad's agreement with the company, he will do the "Go Daddy Dance" for his next end zone celebration, which was originally done by Go Daddy Girl Candice Michelle in a Super Bowl ad (pictured at right, so it's doubtful that you are even reading this).

Go Daddy is planning on donating $50,000 to Feed the Children when Ocho Cinco does his little dance, which coincidentally is the same amount that Roger Goodell will fine him for performing an "illegal celebration involving a non-approved commercial enterprise."

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9/27/07   |   TonyBaronie

this page got on to

9/27/07   |   DeliriumTremens

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Yeah... those are pretty big... fines... you're talkin' 'bout... um... what?

9/27/07   |   jeremiahmeek

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WoW that is a large fine!  $50k

9/27/07   |   Wicked Jumpshot

I'd like to dance in her endzone.

9/27/07   |   Sargent

all that text gets in the way