Chad Ochocinco Has Dollar Bills In His Pants During Bengals/Ravens Game

Ochocinco Is Straight Cash Money

11/8/09 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

For reasons that are probably only clear to Ochocinco, the colorful wide receiver decided to carry dollar bills in his uniform pants today.

Was he trying to pay off the refs SEC style? Getting a jump on heading out to the strip club later? Helping Ray Lewis support his 6 illegitimate kids? I have no idea.

Unfortunately Ochocinco didn't score a touchdown today, so we may never know. But we do know this. The Bengals are for real. They've knocked off the Ravens twice and are now 6-2.

Not to mention that the wackier Ochocinco seems to get, the better this team plays. All I can say is keep it up guys.

[HT: Deadspin]
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12/10/09   |   Jemstone   |   20 respect

Im glad nobody else in the league is as dumb as 85. Doing these sideshows wont win a SuperBowl. Its a shame the Bungals hold on to these idiots...

11/9/09   |   Captain_Chaos   |   287 respect

The Bengals are another team that deserves a great season. after all the offseason crap of previous years, its good to see them perfom not only on the field, but have a good off the field track record.

i am not a begals fan, but I respect Marvin Lewis - and i'm glad he is having success this year.

11/9/09   |   JKB37   |   2409 respect

adrisoto86 wrote:
he makes millions of dollars a year and all he can bring with him is $1?  

anything bigger than a one, and some people might have taken it as more than a joke..

11/8/09   |   adrisoto86   |   117 respect

he makes millions of dollars a year and all he can bring with him is $1?  

11/8/09   |   redsox1002003   |   881 respect

he go'n to da scrip club wif pacman afta da game!

11/8/09   |   Heyhey1970   |   194 respect

The Bengals look good.  There's a long way to go, but they're fun to watch. 

11/8/09   |   DERYKE   |   1204 respect

A dollar wow you are not going to get much for a buck any more...Besides you are not in a strip bar yet the game is not over !!!!!! Mc Donalds charges tax now so you will need more than a buck for a fun meal....Good news Mc Donalds excepts credit cards......

11/8/09   |   Aceraison   |   183 respect

I was at the game and didn't see it but I was told he offered it to the ref while they were reviewing a challenge.  I guess $1 wasn't enough because the Ravens won the challenge.

11/8/09   |   mk_donley   |   2554 respect

Thats weird! I thought Ochocinco, is going to buy himself McDonald's one dollar meal. Just saying.

11/8/09   |   lavabuster   |   30 respect

All I know is that the Bengals are making my Wild prediction in April at school that they would make the playoffs come more and more true each week! Keep it up Bengals!!!!

11/8/09   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Pat wrote:
Word on the street is that he was making bets on whether or not a replay was going to go his way.

If that's true, that's awesome.

11/8/09   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

Word on the street is that he was making bets on whether or not a replay was going to go his way.

11/8/09   |   billywa   |   658 respect

Perhaps to fire up the team, he showed some skin a la Mike Singletary and some his teammates enjoyed the show a bit more than others...

11/8/09   |   SportzStar   |   102 respect

Too bad he didn't score, I wanted to see what he had in store. Hopefully he'll bring this one back in the future.