Chad Ochocinco excited to be with Miami Dolphins, hopes to play till 40

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsA Chad Ochocinco statement always follows bold claims that may or may not be fulfilled. However, that is not Chad Ochocinco’s headache; his 3.5 million Twitter followers will probably vouch for that. Now, the eccentric wide receiver, who is a big fan of himself has delivered an equally bold claim that has us scratching our head.
Forget the fact that Chad Ochocinco hasn’t yet fully grasped his position on the Miami Dolphins roster. Chad Ochocinco is going in for the long and sees himself playing in the league for another six years.
“I’m going to play ’til I’m 40 years old, and this year I’m going to show the world I can,” stated Chad Ochocinco.
Furthermore, Chad Ochocinco believes the Miami Dolphins are the right fit for facilitating that dream.
“The Dolphins are the right team, the right offense,” said Chad Ochocinco. “I’m at the good place in my life. Everything fits perfectly for me.”
It may be a highly passionate statement to prove the critics wrong, but in a surge of faith in himself, Chad Ochocinco is relatively forgetting that even at the age of 34 this offseason there initially did not appear many teams willing to sign a player who is considered a diva to some extent.
Chad Ochocinco only caught 15 passes for 276 yards in his lone season with the Philadelphia Eagles last season.
“I ate every bit of that humble pie,” settled Chad Ochocinco regarding that matter. “I believe it made me a better man, a better player”.
Even Chad Ochocinco’s Santa Monica College coach Charlie Collins believes that the player needs to bring about a lot of personal changes to go that far.
"He needs to turn Ochocinco down to turn Chad Johnson up," advised Charlie Collins.
However, the Miami Dolphins saw something in Chad Ochocinco that made him an instant keeper following just four days in the free agency after being released by the Philadelphia Eagles on 11 June.
“He definitely has ‘it,’” said Miami Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith. “I know a lot of people had written him off because of his numbers last year, but he’s out here, his routes are crisp, he’s coming out of his breaks, he looks good.
“He’s definitely going to be one of those guys that turn heads this year,” added Sean Smith.
The six-time Pro Bowler believes he has maintained his physical for and can easily take on the younger competition. Chad Ochocinco even challenged Clyde Gates, who was determined the fastest receiver in the 2011 NFL draft category following a 4.31 record in a 40-yard dash.
“There is physically nothing wrong with me,” said Chad Ochocinco. “I want to race Clyde (Gates) right now.”
After 10 seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals and one season with the Philadelphia Eagles Chad Ochocinco has caught 766 passes for 11,059 yards, along with 67 touchdowns. He definitely looks good in comparison to the Miami Dolphin’s returning receivers, none of whom have more than 12 touchdowns in their NFL career.
Chad Ochocinco is glad where he landed because it has been the Miami native’s “childhood dream” to play for his home team.
 “Throughout the years, I’ve always played Madden, I’ve always used the Dolphins no matter where I was playing and to be able to wear the teal and orange, it’s a pretty good feeling,” expressed Chad Ochocinco.
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