Chael Sonnen's decision to "dope" has cost him dearly

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Blog Photo - Chael Sonnen's decision to "dope" has cost him dearlyChael Sonnen admits he made the decision.  He says he is "ashamed, guilty" and "has no defence".  Too bad he couldn't have had such clarity of thought earlier.  He might still be working.

Sonnen has retired from UFC and now he couldn't return, even if he wanted to.

After appearing before the Nevada Athletic Commission, where Sonnen offered basically no defence, the commission imposed a ban of two years.  That decision, however, did not seem to be unanimous.

Anthony Marnell led the inquiry and wanted a lifetime ban.  He said "It's not a year or two [suspension], it's don’t come back.  We don’t want to see you back."

However, commissioner, Pat Lundvell, broached the idea that Sonnen might be better served in aiding the NAC in their efforts to deter athletes from doping.  She suggested a two year ban, with probation involving Sonnen working with the NAC in an advisory position. 

Sonnen originally retired from the UFC when his drug test of May 24th was announced as positive on June 10th.  A second test result was also deemed positive, and Sonnen was removed from the July 7 fight card.  He retired from the sport and subsequently lost his job with FOX Sports.  

It is a sad state of affairs when an extremely talented athlete cannot recognize the outcome of a decision to dope.  Sonnen was in the midst of a promising career when he made the decision to take HGH, EPO, anastrozole, and hGC.  Sonnen told the board that some of the drugs were used to boost his testosterone levels to aid in his and his wife, Brittany's, efforts to conceive.  The drugs were successful in that regard.

Here's hoping Sonnen was able to save some of the money he earned during the course of his MMA career.
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