Chane Behanan Dismissed from Louisville

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On Saturday, Louisville suffered a tough loss against rival Kentucky. On Monday, they lost a valuable member of last year’s National Champion. Chane Behanan was dismissed from the team by Coach Rick Pitino after another in a long line of Behanan’s “violation of team rules.”

Halfway through his junior season, where will Behanan turn now?

It’s possible that Behanan may transfer, but he would have 1 semester of eligibility left, and I don’t think he or a team would be interested in that.  So where does Behanan stand as a potential NBA player? Not as close as it looked like it would be at the end of last year. Here is a brief scouting report of mine on Behanan:

Behanan is strong with a wide body which he uses well.  He has good hands and nice touch around the basket, but that doesn’t prevent him from going up and finishing strong.  Behanan has good rebounding instincts and he uses his body well to get position and to get up quickly after the ball.  He crashes the offensive boards at almost every opportunity.  He does a good job hitting holes in the defense create by the guards’ penetration or perimeter shooters, and he has added a great drop-step move from the baseline to get him to the basket quickly.  On the defensive end, Behanan continues to improve his ability to defend around the basket and on the perimeter, as well as showing very good awareness when the Cardinals go zone. Behanan runs the floor well for his size and is capable of catching the ball and finishing in transition.

What’s holding Behanan’s game back: Behanan’s offensive game has progressed, but not as much as people would have hope d in the last year.  Behanan will eventually need to show that he can step out to 15 feet and either hit the mid-range jumper or take his man off the dribble, which means working on his ballhandling skills.  His shot mechanics have improved since last year, but he can be inconsistent with his motion and release.  Defensively, Behanan needs to work on his foot speed and lateral movement to be able to guard on the perimeter.  He uses his body well to defend in the post, but he will need to be even tougher against larger players at the next level. Behanan rebounds well on both ends of the floor, and at times you get the feeling that he could dominate the glass, but he needs to anticipate and get to spots quicker. He will not always have a strength advantage and he will need to continue to evolve his game.
Unfortunately, Behanan never got into the rhythm of the season this year, between an early suspension and other distractions. The body and raw ability are there, but it will be tough for Behanan to make up the ground needed before the draft in June, plus he will need to answer constant questions about what happened to him at Louisville.

He will get a chance and hopefully he won’t let this chance get away from him.
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