Channing Frye Says He値l Miss the Entire Season

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Blog Photo - Channing Frye Says He値l Miss the Entire Season
After a check-up this past Thursday, Channing Frye was informed that he had dilated cardiomyopathy caused by a rare virus or to put it in laymen’s terms – an enlarged heart. 
Doctors are being extremely cautious with Frye and he will in all likelihood take a full year off to take care of his condition. 
Channing recently told the Arizona Republic that, “I want to take a year off and make sure that I’m OK to play and that I’m not going to do any more damage to my heart,” Frye said. “There’s no reason to push. It’s not worth it for the long run. To be 29 and have a heart issue is very rare. Other than that, I had a clean bill of health. I’m a 120-over-78 blood pressure guy.”
Frye went on to say that, “It was very shocking and, at the same time, scary.  It’s not like an arm or knee or an elbow where you’re like, ‘Maybe I can just rehab this.’ It’s something that keeps you going. The only time you hear about things going on like that is (Boston’s) Jeff Green getting open-heart surgery or (Sacramento’s) Chuck Hayes getting a little scare.”
The good news for Channing Frye is that the Phoenix Suns trainers are known to be the best staff in the NBA; helping players recover from various set-backs and injuries.
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