Chargers LB Melvin Ingram undergoes knee surgery

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe San Diego Chargers’ defense took a significant blow this offseason after linebacker Melvin Ingram tore his ACL in practice last week. But the San Diego Chargers are holding out hope that Ingram will still play at some stage next season.
The second-year linebacker underwent knee surgery in Florida to reconstruct torn ACL he initially sustained on the second day of the Chargers’ OTA practice on May 14. Dr. James Andrews performed the surgery on his left knee, which Ingram described as "successful and safe" following the procedure.
But even in the best-case scenario, the recovery time for such a knee injury is estimated at six months, which puts Ingram’s return somewhere in mid-November during the 2013 season. This recovery schedule still does not included period generally required by a player to return to NFL readiness before he hits the field against actual opponents.
As a rookie, Ingram failed to fall to expectations after being selected 18th overall in the first rounf of the 2012 NFL draft by the Chargers. He amassed 41 tackles and just one sack during his first year in the league. However, the Chargers expected Ingram to have a bigger impact on the defense with an enhanced role in the 2013 season.
Ingram’s absence leaves a big hole at linebacker, especially after the Chargers lost Antwan Barnes and Shaun Philips during free agency. But with the team expected to head into the 2013 season without Ingram, the San Diego Chargers addressed their pass rusher needs by officially signing veteran linebacker Dwight Freeney on Monday.
While the San Diego Chargers will be pushing to have Melvin Ingram return from the knee injury to salvage the second half of the 2013 season, the team will be mindful not to jeopardize his long-term future health in the process.  From what it appears, Melvin Ingram’s return in the 2013 season, enough to make an impact on the team seems unlikely at this point. The San Diego Chargers could possibly have a better shot at getting a fully functional and Melvin Ingram back if they stretch out their 2013 campaign into a playoffs run next January.
Meanwhile, to give Ingram a chance to recuperate and return 100 percent healthy, the Chargers could place him on the injured reserve and meanwhile put the roster spot to some good use. But such a decision would have to be held out until after the final roster cuts ahead of the 2013 regular season.
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