Chargers accused of using Stickum

Stickiest of the icky: Chargers being investigated for using Stickum

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Blog Photo - Chargers accused of using StickumYou would not think a team would be investigated for cheating in a game where they blew a 24-point lead at home and lost, but that's the sticky situation in which the the San Diego Chargers find themselves. According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the NFL is investigating whether the Chargers user the banned substance Stickum in last Monday night's loss to the Denver Broncos.

Those of us of a certain age (old people) can tell you that Stickum is an adhesive substance that comes in powder, paste, and aerosol spray form. It is typically used by pole vaulters to improve their grip on the pole, but 1970s-era NFL players like Lester Hayes popularized the adhesive for use in improving one's ability to catch a football. The substance has been banned from the NFL since 1981, back in the day when it was socially acceptable to nickname an NFL player "The Molester". 

Now the San Diego Chargers are being investigated for secretly using Stickum. Prior to Sunday's NFL games, FOX Sports reporter Jay Glazer tweeted, "I'm reporting the NFL is investing the Chargers after they were caught using a banned illegal Stick em-type substance vs broncos Mon night."

Moments later, Glazer tweeted, "NFL Security has already begun investigation as SD equipment man was hiding illegal sticky substance and giving to players. Line judge saw it and had it confiscated and sent to broncos and league."

You laugh because the Chargers still lost the game in humiliating fashion, despite allegedly cheating? Realize that the Chargers have the fewest dropped passes of any NFL team this season.

Blog Photo - Chargers accused of using StickumChargers coach Norv Turner is offended by the accusation. "Nobody in this organization has used Stickum in any game," Turner told the Associated Press. "The question involved a towel that has been used by this organization for over 10 years. It's used by a lot of teams in this league."

That must be one dirty towel!

According to reports, a Chargers equipment manager came onto the field during a time out Monday night with hand towels believed to be coated with Stickum. The manager was asked to give up the towels, and refused. He was then asked to empty his pockets, and in his pockets officials found a "skin-colored or clear type of tape."

If the Chargers are found guilty of using a banned substance, they could be fined or docked a draft pick.
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