Chargers season filled with ups and downs, make it to the AFC playoff spot

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe San Diego Chargers have been having one adrenaline charged season with sudden ups and downs and that was just the case when they faced the Kansas City Chiefs in which they went slow in the start and then started to pick up real fast. In the end they won the match and in doing so also made it to the last playoff spot of the AFC.
Quarterback Philip Rivers said that they had both ups and downs this season and during the downs they weren’t ones to stay down and fought to get back up. He attributed their fighting spirit to the fact that they had made it so far.
“We’ve been on the other end of some of those, too, this year. You go back every week about what could’ve been called. This, that. That’s all part of it. Did we get a few breaks yesterday?” he said. “Yeah. But did I think for one bit we were given anything? Absolutely not. We fought like crazy to stay alive all year and we fought like crazy to earn these last four.”
The last time the Chargers were in the playoffs was back in 2009 when they went for a solid 13-3 to secure the No.2 seed in the AFC. But it all came crashing down hard when they lost the divisional round at their own turf to the New York Jets 17-14. Rivers said that it was sure a long time since that and they were looking forward to it.
“It’s been a real long time so it feels great to be back in,” Rivers said.
2008 was the year in which the Chargers played their last playoff game. They won the AFC West when Denver Broncos failed and they won four consecutive games.
“I think it’s even more crazy that we were able to recover and bounce back and find ourselves in the tournament. I mean, in 2008 it was just us and one other team,” Rivers said. “In this one, there were a lot of things going on, a lot of scenarios, a lot of things that had to happen, and they all did.”
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