Chargers were playing against frustration instead of the Jets, QB Rivers

10/25/11 in NFL   |   KurtKingsley   |   1858 respect

As the “coolest coach” on the block, Rex Ryan adds another line to his famous book of quotes (“Stay classy, San Diego”), men from both sides of the line criticize the lethargic and lack lustrous performance the San Diego Chargers produced against the New York Jets last Sunday.

Although, it was the Chargers who had travelled all the way to New York City to play against the Jets at the MetLife Stadium, Chargers acquired an 11-point lead in the 4th quarter. Any team could have won the match after that but the Chargers somehow managed otherwise… the impossible. The final scoreboard showed 27-21 in favor of the Jets.

Chargers head coach, Norv Turner has saluted the brilliant comeback by the Jets, however players like Chargers tight end Randy McMichael reckons it were the mistakes his team made that led to the disastrous night. Former Chargers player, Antonio Cromartie agrees with him.

"When you're up by 11 points in the fourth quarter, and you can't even finish the game up, that shows what kind of team you are: a team that can't finish," Cromartie commented in an interview. "And that’s been San Diego the whole time. There it is."

On the other hand safety Jim Leonhard said, "Absolutely (it's a shot at us) whenever a team says that. He'll have fun watching the film today, we'll just say that. He didn't really do a whole lot yesterday. He'll have fun."

According to Turner and quarterback Philip Rivers the Chargers lost the match because they lost their nerves. Turner and Rivers suggested that failure to score in the 2nd half, especially after the loss of a frenetic final drive assisted McMichael fueled frustration into the Chargers camp.

“I think anytime you’re up 21-10 at halftime and you lose, you certainly, you feel like, you know, we let it get away from us,” Rivers said. “The Jets had something to do with causing it to get away from us, certainly. Referencing Randy’s comments -- and I’m not speaking for Randy -- Randy hates to lose like all of us do in that locker room, and there’s not anybody that cares any more than he does.

"I think that’s how you want, you want the 46 guys, you want everybody in that locker room that had a hand in it, everybody (that) played a part in it, to feel like ‘Hey, we could have changed the outcome.’ You never want to say, ‘Hey, they beat us.’ You always want to feel like, ‘Hey, if we’d have done this, we’d have won the game.’ And that’s the case in most every game, but certainly the opponent has something to do with it.”

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