Charles Barkley reveals what’s going on the inside with Tiger Woods

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A Tiger’s Tale, by Charles Barkley

Despite his woeful form, Tiger Woods had proven himself to be a maestro in the art of golf with his perfect swings, in contrast to that only one man can be crowned king for the worst golf swings in recorded history, those of you who watch a lot of reality TV might have already guessed … yes it is Woods’ buddy Charles Barkley.

No person on this planet has a golf swing worse than Mr. Barkley. His swing was so bad that he hired a teacher for himself and when that didn’t work he decided to make a TV show out of it. Barkley’s swing coach Hank Haney certainly got a kick out of it and well Barkley got all he wanted, including occasional beautiful strokes although Barkley’s hater would call them ‘swings of luck’, pun unintended.

Tiger Woods’ comeback from the Bridgestone Invitational hasn’t been quite as the former world number one had visualized it; injuries, personal issues and motivational problems still dog the player around. This brings us to the same old question, is Tiger ready for the PGA Championship.

Woods hasn’t been able to win a major since 2007 and his last victory came in 2009. The golfing legend has nonetheless declared to break all records but is that the wish of a dead man walking or a tiger waiting for its prey.

He certainly arrived on the world scale to break records, that Woods made clear on the first day of his arrival however his critics rightly label his desire as a fool’s errand. Theoretically, Woods has the chance to record a lot more than his 14 Majors but since his absence the level of competition in golf has increased tenfold and by the looks of it Woods hasn’t been able to keep pace with it.

Many expected Woods adjust with time and eventually cope with the changes but apparently that has not been the case. Barkley, who has joined XX Sports Radio in San Diego with Scott Kaplan and Vencie Glenn, thinks the task at hand is becoming harder by the breath. In a recent interview, the old friend talked about Woods not returning Barkley’s messages, his form and whether or not he knew about Tiger’s transgressions.

If he has heard from Tiger Woods recently

 “Nope and hey you know what? I just feel sadness right now to be honest with you. I hate to see him struggling. To be honest with you I almost started crying last week. I was up at the Basketball Hall-Of-Fame watching that Friday afternoon before the ceremony and when he snap-hooked that drive into the woods, chipped out, snap-hooked the other ball I was like wow! What the hell? I feel bad. He was a great friend of mine, I still love him to death, I wish him the best, and like I said I talked to the guy every week for 15 years and we haven’t talked to him since the accident. It is what it is and I just hope he’s alright. That’s the only thing. I don’t have to hang out with Tiger Woods but I really love the guy and want to make sure he’s alright. Clearly he’s not alright and I just feel sadness for him to be honest with you.”

If Tiger Woods is really avoiding replying to his text messages

“He changed his number. We talked I think the day of the accident and I haven’t talked to him since then. My number hasn’t changed. I just want the dude to be alright. This is starting to get ugly. You know it’s funny, I was watching T.V. this morning and they were having a debate whether he should play on the President’s Cup team. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? That would be so unfair to the other players. I’m not one of those big lifetime achievement guys. I took some heat when we were talking about Tim Duncan playing in the All-Star Game. I said Tim Duncan is the greatest power forward ever, but he should not be starting in the NBA All-Star Game. That’s why I hate the fans picking the All-Star team. To me the All-Star Game you reward the guys for having a great first half of the season. I don’t believe in lifetime achievement awards. Tiger does not deserve to be on the President’s Cup team. Plain and simple. I love the guy, I wish him the best, but he does not deserve to be on the President’s Cup team at this point.”

If he really knew about Tiger Woods’s transgressions

“Let me make one thing perfectly clear because I have heard that assertion. Number one if Hank Haney and Steve Williams didn’t know it and they spent 300 or 200 days a years with Tiger how are we gonna know? Let me make this one point about this whole thing. Even though I talked to Tiger every week for those 15 years we’ve actually only been together 20 times to be honest with you. He had a busy life and I had a busy life. Listen dude I would never get on here and tell you that we didn’t know that if we knew it. We had no idea. Steve Williams has said it, Hank Haney has said it, and those guys spent 200 days a year with him.”


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