Charlie Strong puts Kentucky logos in Louisville urinals

Louisville football coach Charlie Strong is the man

6/5/12 in NCAAF   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Blog Photo - Charlie Strong puts Kentucky logos in Louisville urinalsThe University of Louisville has always had a strong natural rivalry with Kentucky. It makes sense, since they're battling for the hearts and minds of the state of Kentucky. In most cases, Kentucky's long tradition of excellence, particularly in basketball, gets them the nod over their Louisville counterparts.

Thanks to head football coach Charlie Strong, however, the Louisville Cardinals can put one in the W column.

His latest motivational tactic: Putting Kentucky logos in the Louisville locker room urinals.

This really is a priceless move by Strong, and definitely a great way to remind his players that they're out to get their big brothers in the SEC.
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6/6/12   |   kelkat66   |   1 respect

Way to represent and keep it classy UL...LOL

6/5/12   |   jjh8857   |   344 respect

Bush.  Louisville-Kentucky Football smack?  Dozens upon dozens must be fired up.  I guarantee you Rick Pitino doesn't resort to anything this petty. 

6/5/12   |   secondsonsandollar

I realize UL players piss in Gatorade bottles in their dorm rooms (Derrick Caracter), but do they really need help from pissing on their feet/walls/floors?

Keep it classy UL

6/5/12   |   King_Cardinal   |   2672 respect

Great Job Charlie on smacking UK.  Finally we UofL fans get to say smack to UK.  Hopefully, Strong will prove it on the Gridiron.  #L1C4