Chauncey Billups Injured, Kevin Love Suspended and More..

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Here are some more injury news and updates.

Among the Monday injuries was also that of the LA Clippers star guard Chauncey Billups. I somehow missed this bit of news in my previous article. Regardless, Billups has injured his left Achilles tendon and according to Hoopsworld editor Steve Kyler, his teammates have said that Billups is done. This injury occurred with only 5 minutes and 48 seconds left to play in regulation time. I am not sure of the exact extent of the injury and I am sure we will get to know a lot more in the coming days as soon as the player undergoes scans.

Billups is a veteran that the Clippers have counted upon time and time again to lift their game and to provide inspiration for the younger players. Billups’s foot has been placed in a protective boot and Michael Martinez of Fox Sports has labeled today (Tuesday) as the earliest for more news regarding the player to emerge. It is safe to say that the Clippers will not lose their title hopes if the layoff for Billups is a lengthy one but it will make it all the more difficult for them.

Kevin Love on the other hand has been handed a two match suspension without pay for his intentional stomp on Luis Scola on Saturday night. I am sure all of you must be aware of the whole situation and his post-match comments in which he halfheartedly apologized for his actions. However Love has issued a proper public apology as reported by Inside Hoops. Love said that “I want to publicly apologize to Luis Scola and the Houston Rockets. My intention is to never hurt another player on the basketball court. I’ve always had the utmost respect for the game of basketball and all of my opponents. I also apologize to my coaches, teammates and our fans for the consequences of my actions.”

It is good to hear him apologize after what was no doubt an act that can be described as cowardly and foolish at best. I am glad that the NBA took this decision to ban him because at this young stage of his career he needs to realize the importance of discipline and a sporting spirit. Attacking a defenseless player on the floor is absolutely uncalled for and is rightly punished. I am sure it would deter him from repeating such acts again.

In other news, the Knicks have another injury setback with Baron Davis who has had a setback in his recovery process and is assumed to spend more time on the sidelines. The coach, Mike D’Antoni has said that he is not aware of the seriousness of the situation. David was expected to make his debut by the end of January coming back from a herniated disc. The timeline for his return is not yet known. I hope for the sake of Knicks that he makes a quick recovery.

I will try my level best to keep all of my readers posted with the latest updates. Watch this space. 

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