Check Out This Idiotic Charlie Villanueva Tattoo

World's Dumbest Tattoo?

1/23/13 in NBA   |   Andrew_Ericksen   |   230 respect

Blog Photo - Check Out This Idiotic Charlie Villanueva TattooI’ve seen a lot of stupid tattoos, some featuring inspiring people and others with iconic images; tattoos that I understand but just visually look ugly or ridiculous.  But never in my life have I been as confused by a bodily scarring as the image that’s recently begun to circulate through the media.
During the Pistons win versus the Celtics on Sunday, the Fox Sports Detroit broadcast of the game featured an image that was posted by “Jacob30” on the Pistons “Detroit Bad Boys” blog.  The image (displayed on the right) shows an unidentified person’s detailed tattoo of much-scrutinized Pistons Forward Charlie Villanueva.  The picture was then posted on Villanueva’s instagram and after appearing on Fox Sports Detroit, message boards started having a field day with the ridiculous image.
There isn’t a single Piston that Detroit fans hate or ridicule or just plain make fun of more than Villanueva.  Ben Gordon received a lot of scrutiny because he had a similarly ridiculous contract and failed to back up his paycheck on the court, but A) The Pistons rightly sent him on his way this past offseason and B) He’s just not as fun to make fun of as the slow, almost completely useless Villanueva. 
Since the former UConn Husky signed a 5-year, $35 million contract with the team in 2009, his tenure in Detroit has been nothing short of frustratingly awful. 
In his last year in Milwaukee, he averaged about 16 points and 7 rebounds – solid numbers, but nothing warranting a 5-year deal such as the one he received from the Pistons.  He can be a tough mismatch for teams when he’s playing the Power Forward position and extending a defense, yet he’s had very few flashes of offensive value in Detroit.  In his first three years as a Piston, he progressively went down in points: 11.9, 11.1, and 7.0.  This year he’s bumped his average back up to 7.7!
And though he may cause a temporary mismatch on the offensive end, he’s almost a guaranteed mismatch on the defensive end.  He’s slow, can barely jump, and moves like he’s got the legs of a 60-year-old former Running Back.
In his four years in Detroit, Villanueva has hoisted 782 3-pointers, and missed 491 of them.  Over the same timespan, he has turned the ball over 163 times and dished out 133 assists.  Now I don’t know the exact formula for calculating a player’s overall efficiency on the floor, but 491 missed threes and 163 turnovers versus 133 assists is a pretty darn bad element to bring to a team that already struggles to score the ball consistently.
In conclusion, a Pistons fan either made a terrible choice, or he lost a bet with a very unfortunate outcome.  Whatever the case, I thank this unidentified Pistons fan for the many laughs and hope all the best in the process of recovering from this bizarre life choice.
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1/25/13   |   Kenne   |   16053 respect

I'm thinking that this guy might have an autoimmune skin disease like Villanueva, he looks hairless in the pic. Villanueva is known for his charitable work with children who also suffer from the disease, so he's looked as as being somewhat of a role model in that aspect.

He's going to be kicking himself though, when Charlie plays for another team in the near future. I've seen some pics on the internet of Jeremy Lin tattoos during his tenure in New York. It was only a matter of time through all this "Linsanity" that some idiot was gonna get his likeness tatted.

Also this isn't the dumbest tattoo I've ever seen, that honor goes to the d**chebag who got a Romney tat on his face.

1/24/13   |   ZenoCosini   |   5 respect

If they held a contest to name Charlie's biggest fan, this guy would have to at least merit an honorable mention!