Cheer for Your March Madness Team & Charity!

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You know where my vote already went - GO HOOSIERS!Did you know Mike Krzyzewski, coach of the Duke Blue Devils, made over $7 million in 2010?

Not to mention his various endorsements, perks (beyond being the winningest coach in men's D1 college basketball), living in a college town, speaking engagements, or travel expenses the school covered.

You may not have Coach K kind of cash, but that doesn't mean that you can't do something equally as great for your school.

It's time you put some money - even better, someone else's money - where your mouth is!
You're front row at every college basketball game at your school, but is your team the first to cheer when it comes to charity?

Vote for your favorite team in BRACKETwars team before the tourney is over! The winning team will have a donation made in their school/team's name to a local charity!


Also, make sure to check out every team to find crazy fan videos, fun facts, celebrity graduates and even coach's salaries.

Although some of the top teams are out of the tourney, this doesn't mean that the competition isn't heating up - on and off the court! Vote for your team ASAP - do good for your school and your community. 
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