Cheerleaders Lace High School Rivals Baked Treats With Rat Poison And Bleach
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Nothing Tastes Better Than Rat Poison

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I don't know what the hell is going on with cheerleaders of late, but clearly something is up. First it was Patriots cheerleader Caitlin Davis drawing swastikas on some friend's face, and now there's this lovely bit of news out of El Paso, Texas.

It seems that a group of high school cheerleaders from Chapin Sapphire High put rat poison and bleach in brownies and cupcakes that they gave their rivals from Andress High before the schools' yearly football game. Apparently exchanging gifts and pranks is a tradition among Texas high school dance and cheerleading teams before football games, but man, I'd say that's officially going to end this instant.

Since attempted murder tends to piss people off, some Andress High parents were none too happy.

Bea Saenz, whose daughter is on the Andress dance team, told the El Paso Times she wants the students from the school's cross-town rival, Chapin, to face criminal charges.

"We felt like they weren't out just to play a prank," she said. "With all the stuff they put in there, it is like they were trying to kill them."

Like they were trying to kill them? Last time I checked, rat poison can indeed kill more than just rats.

So what kind of punishment are these prissy punks facing? Well, El Paso Independent School District officials said on Tuesday that three members of the Chapin Sapphire Dance Team were to be suspended for three days for admitting to sabotaging the treats.

Well that seems fair. If I poisoned someone's food I'd get 15 to life for attempted murder while these girls get three days off of school. Just more proof that cheerleaders can get away with anything, well, as long as it doesn't involve drawing swastikas on anyone's face. But trying to kill someone else, that's totally cool.

Girls allegedly poisoned rivals treats [

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11/13/08   |   uptown7010

These girls need better home training. THAT'S ATTEMPTED MURDER WITH INTENT. A lot of time for a very bad joke if that's what it was supposed to be.

11/13/08   |   uptown7010

A tasty way to kill someone.

11/13/08   |   Toejam   |   22 respect

that sounds like some of my first wifes cooking......

11/13/08   |   raptrbreth   |   19 respect

What the heck is it with Texas and cheerleaders?  It must that maternal connection.