Chelsea FC 101: Guide on how to tackle Chelsea fans and the left flank conundrum

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Chelsea FC 101: Guide on how to tackle Chelsea fans and the left flank conundrum
There are two great creations of God, and Chelsea fans do well to appreciate them, “Looking down below at a mass of water and then up at the sky, laying full emphasis on how both of these creations are of the colour Blue… just like Chelsea”... is what Chelsea fans do!
Many non-Chelsea supporters would have been victimized by this irritating juvenile comeback whenever a Chelsea fan is left in an unresponsive position during an argument. Chelsea fans are well known for their low tolerance levels and inability to absorb much criticism regarding the London club.
Numerous well documented incidents have lead to street wars or quarrels between football hooligans but let’s not dwell into the dark side of football but rather the characteristics of a so called ‘True Blue’ and their basic mentality, especially when it comes to their star studded squad or rather their lustrous left flank.
Chelsea certainly possesses the Blue Moon on a stick when it comes to financial matters. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Chelsea’s notorious Russian owner, Roman Abramovich plays with money as if it rained every day. He has indeed showered his wealth upon the London club causing much controversy over the power Chelsea Football Club.
His acts have won him many outrageous chants such as, “Chelsea's success is f****** hollow. All that money you took, from that big Russian crook, and you’llnever winthree in a row.”
Nonetheless the South London club, Chelsea without a doubt has the strongest left flank in the world. They have services of Ashley Cole as a left back/full back in the defensive department. Their midfield needs no introduction with Frank Lampard, Florent Malouda and Michael Essien dictating play. In the offensive division Nicolas Anelka, Didier Drogba, Saloumon Kalou and Fernando Torres happens to be one of the most lethal combinations of attack a club can dream of. They have proved that by causing havoc in England this whole season.
All these statements are similar to statements from nearly every analyst, nevertheless the sky will not split in two and fall apart and neither will the seas flood over land if a non-Chelsea fan suggests there is drastic improvement needed in all departments. Especially their left flank!
Let’s start our analysis from way back near the posts or the defensive false line. Ashley Cole, a person that caused one of the most heated controversies in English Premier League history when he left Arsenal for Stamford Bridge. Both clubs are still not over the saga however Cole has proved himself to be a world class player and worthy of all the fame and glory.
However the defender is aging and his recent in consistent performances have left fans to suggest, “Mr. Cashley maybe it’s time for you to join your former manager, Jose Mourinho at Spanish footballing giants Real Madrid or at an old Italian football/retirement club”.
Coming towards Lampard one has to realize each person on planet Earth ages. Being mortal is normal and all men are vulnerable to injuries. Lampard has admitted that he is aging for the sport and that his form will never be the same, especially after his hernia operations. It’s not just me who concludes this to be the last season Lampard will be seen running in a blue jersey after all the player is over the hill and old as dirt.
Although it appears Chelsea fans have found the fountain of health and immortality for Lampard hence allowing the legendary English international to play forever. Lampard is considered to be long in tooth therefore it is imagined he would soon decide to retire and name his protégé.
Though Florent Malouda has shown impeccable finishing abilities and immaculate form during the start of the season, his form has dipped just as is tradition in his footballing career. Malouda has been an integral part of Chelsea in the past and is even helping the team now, despite the age factor. Time is running out for Chelsea to find a proper replacement for him.
The French sage, Anelka, was no more the included in the wise men of France after his controversial FIFA 2010 World Cup saga but his statistics show a very different story. Currently the manager of Chelsea, Carlo Ancelotti has changed his position tactically from upfront to an assistor in midfield. The 32-year-old has rejuvenated his form but is bound to break at any stage.
There is an Ivorian at Stamford Bridge that has shown one of the most consistent performances for Chelsea ever. Though Didier Drogba picked his paramount form later in his career, too much is always expected from him, the international player cannot always turn up to be the 11th hour Samaritan for Chelsea.
He is considered among the senior players of the squad and is often found helping lads on field. The player is slowly aging and losing form even though Marseille have presented an astonishing 20 million Pounds offer so a replacement for him is expected.
El Nino is supposed to be his replacement although his form has yet to justify that. Torres has just recently started wearing a blue jersey, thanks to a jaw dropping 50 million Pound ticket to Stamford Bridge. Torres has proven to be like high class wine that only improves and matures with age hence summers at the training ground will bring a lot of answers.
At the end of 2010-11 season Chelsea finished with a 4th place in the top tier of English Football after blasting off to another great season. The later part of their campaign lost them a couple of important points mostly due to the lack of balancing essentials in the squad. If they approve their current squad for the next season they might as well kiss good bye to their Champions League spot and entry into the top of EPL in future.
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