Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck opens door for Jose Mourinho’s return

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Blog Photo - Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck opens door for Jose Mourinho’s return
Chelsea doors have been opened for Jose Mourinho’s return to the club. Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck claims Stamford Bridge would prepare a warm welcome if Jose Mourinho decides to come back. Bruce Buck claims he is “completely open minded” to the potential return of Chelsea’s most successful manager as the Blues prepare to start hunting for Rafael Benitez’s replacement.
Rafael Benitez was brought to the helm after Roberto Di Matteo’s exit from Chelsea. The Spaniard was asked to become interim manager of Chelsea till the end of the season. Initially, Rafael Benitez asked for the opportunity to prove his mettle at Chelsea, but now the former Liverpool manager is eager to move on.
Jose Mourinho is expected to leave Real Madrid this summer. The Portuguese gaffer has apparently grown tired of the instability at Real Madrid, although it’s always been his dream job. Jose Mourinho hasn’t given a name for his future destination, but he has admitted he can’t rule out the possibility of returning to Chelsea.
Jose Mourinho, who entered the Champions League semifinals with Real Madrid for the second successive year on Tuesday night, has tried to distance himself with rumors linking him to other clubs. With Bruce Buck giving him the green light to re-enter Chelsea it appears as if the Portuguese might be silently preparing for his second coming.
“I am completely open-minded about it,” Bruce Buck said when he was questioned about offering Jose Mourinho a second chance at Chelsea in the near future. “We really haven't started that (process) yet. We're all thinking about it and have some ideas and certainly Mr. Abramovich is thinking about it. At the moment we’re concentrating on the end of the season.”
Recent reports suggest Roman Abramovich has taken steps to end his broken friendship with Jose Mourinho. Rumors suggest Jose Mourinho could move into Paris Saint-Germain this summer. However, with Roman Abramovich ready to offer treasure chests to his former manager and Carlo Ancelotti recording reasonable success at the French outfit, the possibility of Jose Mourinho reunion with the Russian is quite high.
Bruce Buck explained that Chelsea were in search of a manager who would commit to a long term contract with the club. Well, that might be a problem since Roman Abramovich has a renowned reputation of sacking coaches with haste.
“I know we have fired what most people would say are a lot of managers - terminated the relationship is a better way to describe it - but we've always thought long and hard when we've done it,” Bruce Buck told Al Jazeera.
“It's always difficult, it's always sad when a relationship is terminated. We don't look back, we always look forward and see where we're going and figure out how we get there. We certainly believe in stability in managers, but it has to be with the right manager.”
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