Chelsea fans demand apology from manager Rafael Benitez

11/27/12 in Soccer   |   KurtKingsley   |   1858 respect

Blog Photo - Chelsea fans demand apology from manager Rafael Benitez
The resentment Chelsea fans are showing towards Rafael Benitez is understandable. They have an axe to grind for the derogatory comments the Spaniard made about them back when he was at Liverpool.
However, it won’t be fair to call Rafael Benitez a lost ball in the high weeds, after all the former San Siro boss has been in charge of just one game at London and that too was against the English Premier League champions Manchester City.
Nonetheless, Chelsea fans have rightly realized that they due an apology from Rafael Benitez. An apology would act as a good start towards healing the rift between Rafael Benitez and Chelsea fans.
Rafael Benitez is the kind of manager that stirs the masses. His support is fueled by fans and his success is often marked by their cheers and chants. Therefore, managing Chelsea without the support of the Blues won’t help Rafael Benitez in leaving his mark at the club.
All the anger and hatred towards Rafael Benitez stems from the fiery relationship between Liverpool and Chelsea. During his time at Anfield, Rafael Benitez often launched a barrage of attacks towards Chelsea. The Spaniard once stated that he would never manage Chelsea and that the London outfit requires a flags to get behind their team.
Chelsea fans cannot forget about such statements and Rafael Benitez can’t erase his words from history. Rafael Benitez needs acceptance and that can only be achieved by an apology and good results.
Rafael Benitez has been made the interim manager of Chelsea till the end of the season. The former Valencia manager has already expressed desire to continue extend his stay at London, however his fate will be decided by the results he produce at the end of the season.
The 55-year-old manager recorded a lot of success at Liverpool till he was sacked by the incompetent owners of Liverpool just before they sold the club. Therefore, Chelsea fans better bite the bullet and let Rafael Benitez have a go at the club.
It is a well known secret that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich actually wanted Pep Guardiola to replace Roberto Di Matteo at Stamford Bridge. This is also why Rafael Benitez hasn’t been promised a permanent role at Chelsea at the end of the season.
So, in bigger picture what it seems like is Chelsea fans will have to endure Rafael Benitez for six months before the arrival of a new manager. Therefore, the best advice for Chelsea fans is to put a smile on their face and hope for the best.
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