Chelsea star Eden Hazard in the mix for a move to Real Madrid

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Blog Photo - Chelsea star Eden Hazard in the mix for a move to Real Madrid
Shocking reports suggest Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard is in the mix for a move to Real Madrid in spite of moving just a couple of months ago. The Belgian wonder kid was bought from Lille for £32 million during the summer transfer window.
Eden Hazard made a brilliant impact in the Premier League at the start of the season, but since then his form has slowly deteriorated. The 21-year-old attacking midfielder is fighting to regain lost form, but he doesn’t see playing for Chelsea in the long run.
Aston Villa forward Christian Benteke, who is a close friend of Eden Hazard and plays with him for Belgium, has revealed that Eden Hazard is plotting an away move two year down the road. Christian Benteke’s statements have come as a huge surprise to the Chelsea board, who were thinking about making Eden Hazard the new face of the club.
After recording exceptional performances with Lille for five years Eden Hazard has made a promising start with Chelsea. The versatile forward is easily one of the most deadly players in the Premier League, which is why Chelsea would fight tooth and nail to renew his contract when it nears its expiration date.
“I am not surprised at Eden’s success with Chelsea, and he can do even better,” Christian Benteke told The Sun in a recent interview. “He has the qualities needed to become an even greater player. His dream is to join Real Madrid, so I don’t see why he can’t join them in a year or two.”
Christian Benteke further revealed that Eden Hazard was feeling pressure because of high levels of expectations. Well, Chelsea is dreaming of finding him to be of the same mold as Frank Lampard. The highest goal scoring midfielder in the Premier League, Frank Lampard is on the verge of making a move out of Chelsea.
This means Eden Hazard will be burdened by more responsibility next season. Christian Benteke explained that Eden Hazard was the kind of player who relished challenges and wanted to test himself at every turn.
“He has already told me what his life is like with the high levels of expectation,” Christian Benteke continued. “He has been signed for many millions of pounds and he will always have the pressure of his price tag. He will forever have to do more than the others, he is condemned to always be at the top of his game.
“He realizes this and he relishes the challenge. His fantasy football takes off some of the pressure on him. Eden dares to try things and is not afraid to face up to his responsibilities.”
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