Chicago Cubsí pitcher Carlos Zambrona makes shock retirement call

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 Chicago Cubs’ pitcher Carlos Zambrona makes shock retirement call

It appears that Chicago Cubs’ Carlos Zambrona played his last match against Atlanta Braves after being ejected in the 5th innings. In the aftermath of the Friday fixture Cubs pitcher, Zambrona decided to clear his locker once and for all.

Analysts had declared his retirement was over a long due back and critics had been suggesting replacements for the past couple of seasons, hence in retrospect Zambrona’s departure was expected. After his match at Turner Field, Zambrona immediately headed to the locker room with intentions of calling curtain on his career. He informed the club officials of his decision and scheduled a press conference.

Manager, Mike Quade informed on the issue in his press release saying, “His locker is cleaned out. He's gone. I don't know what else to make of that. I’m running a ballgame and I’ve got 24 guys that I care about, so I didn't have time to speak to him. But I come in here and see an empty locker, I figure he’s decided he’s had enough.”

Zambrona or ‘Big Z’ as he is known is 9-7 this season with a 4.82 ERA, however the star has struggled since the All-Star break, recording a 6.42 ERA in 6 starts. Sadly, for Zambrona it seemed like his new journey would be through a long dark tunnel before there is any hope of light. Henceforth, Zambrona quit on waiting and made his decision to leave.

Some club officials believe there is a chance Zambrona will return back to the club and play till the season is over. Quade had no opinion on matter however he was unhappy with the way Zambrona had abandoned his team mates during a match. Although, Marlon Byrd is comparatively new to the team, he also had words to say on the saga, he said, “He's talked about it before when I wasn't here. I guess we'll see tomorrow. If he doesn't show up, then we might not see him again.”

Most pundits have predicted that Zambrano will now have to clear up the mess he has created. He will probably show up, explain and apologize for his actions. Well, team mates that have known Big Z for a while now, like Aramis Ramirez would have seen through this from the beginning.

Aramis commented on the issue stating, “I’ve never seen somebody just grab their stuff and leave and retire.” He added, “And I've been around for a while. Players don't do that. He’s been playing for a while, too. He knows anybody can have a bad game, a bad week, a bad month. It happens to everybody. He's not the only one...I know he's not a bad guy. He just doesn't know how to control his emotions sometimes.”

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