Chiefs QB Alex Smith is set to square off against his former team

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsAlex Smith is always cautious when talking about his former team, the San Francisco 49ers. As a former 49ers quarterbackk, Smith had his best statistical year with the team in 2011. But after sustaining a concussion, Smith was somewhat coldly replaced by Colin Kapernick, despite being considered medically fit, and was finally traded off to the Kansas City Chiefs. Now Smith gets a chance to show the 49ers what they’ll be missing on the offense this season.
There are still many fans out there who didn’t like the trade or the way it was handled by the 49ers this offseason. Smith had the 49ers headed back to the playoffs last season, when he went down with a head injury. Even though Smith was healthy enough to return after a few games, he lost his starting job to Kaepernick, who led the 49ers to the Super Bowl.
Smith was eventually shipped off to Kansas City I exchange for a pair of draft picks this offseason. However, Smith is ready to move past the trade that saw his leave the Chiefs, or at least he is trying.
"Those guys gave me an opportunity, a couple opportunities over the years there," Smith recently said. "Obviously we disagreed what happened last year, but we move on from it."
Despite his cool composure Smith is bound to face a bag full of complex emotions when he lines up opposite the 49ers on Friday, in their first meeting this year. All of a sudden seeing former teammates – such as Aldon Smith and Donte Whitner – who will be doing their best to take him out will no doubt be a bit unnerving for Smith.
Smith was the No.1 draft pick by the 49ers and they continued believing in him even when others thought his career was done for. Jim Harabaugh gave him a second shot when he was hired and he gave a great performance for it.
Before the fateful injury, Alex Smith was improving drastically and was having a good season. But old grudges die hard and he still has a few about how he was dismissed. Jim Harbaugh the 40ers coach had friendly words for the former quarterback. He praised his competitive attitude but acknowledged that having him play against them would be a whole new feeling. Still, he said he would relish the memories with him and desire for him to have a shining career.
Cheifs coach Andy Reid dismissed the speculations that emotions would get in the way of this match and upset the player. Even though Smith has skill, he still has the daunting task of getting to know the players of the new team. Smith commented that his former team has a very solid defense and would be tough to break but nevertheless a good trail to check their strength.
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