Chiefs cheerleaders give back to community on Halloween

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The NFL cheerleaders, who were decked in colorful costumes and wore big smiles on the sidelines during games around time Halloween, also sport big hearts.
The Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders, who are looked upon as role models my many young girls, hosted a Halloween party for little princess and fairies between the ages three to five as part of the team’s Angels program. The evening was filled with laughter of little girls who were delighted with the arrangements made at the Kansas City Chiefs training facility. While the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders hosted their little guests as Disney princesses, the Angels found other sources of entertainment such as a gigantic bounce house, puppet show and game stations that promised a night of fun.
“All 33 of the Chiefs Cheerleaders, the Angels and their families are here to spend an evening with us,” stated the Director of Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders Stephanie Judah. . “Everyone is having fun jumping on the bounce house, getting their faces painted, and meeting some Disney princesses.”
“It’s a great safe place to celebrate Halloween.”
The Kansas City Chiefs came up with the Angels program seven years ago to grant promising young cheerleaders ages three to five an opportunity to interact with their role models. Young girls join the Kansas City Cheerleaders in monthly practices, an annual picnic outing and Halloween party, all part of planned activities for the Angels program.
“Kids from ages three to five come to an Angel Chief Cheerleader class once a month for about an hour,” stated second-year Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader, Dionne.
“At practice, we teach them dances and cheers, as well as little life lessons on how to eat healthy, how to share, and be a nice friend,” she further explained. “We also have a picnic with them in September.”
While the young girls enjoyed dancing, playing games and were thrilled with the prizes, the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders appeared to be having just as much fun interacting with them.
“It’s one of my favorite events of the year. There are games spread throughout the practice facility for them to participate in and win prizes,” said Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader, Dionne. “It’s a great event and a great time for us to interact with some of the children and their families.”
The Halloween part is the last activity in for schedule the Angels program that begins in June each year after registrations are made in May. While the young girls leave with a lot of valuable lessons and experiences, the Kansas City Cheerleaders also value the time they spent in the Angels’ company.
“We’re proud of our Chiefs Cheerleaders and we value the importance of making a difference and being a good influence on these young girls,” said Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader, Dionne. “It’s great to spend time with them, teach them, and have fun.”
The young Angels certainly seemed in good spirits as they left for home with tummies and buckets filled with Halloween candy, game prizes and autographs signed by their favorite Kansas City Cheerleaders.
It was a fun and successful night for both parties.
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