Chiefs coach Haley is ready to face a ‘Balanced’ Chargers team

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The Kansas City Chiefs will be hosting the San Diego Chargers this Monday at Arrowhead Stadium. According to Chiefs head coach Todd Haley, the team has been practicing without any setbacks so far. Haley also told media that his men were in good shape to defeat the Chargers in Week 8 of NFL.

Previously, the Chiefs gave birth to a dismissive season with three straight defeats; however Haley and Co. vowed to make a comeback. Since then, the Chiefs have shown immaculate form to level their tally at 3-3.

The Chiefs handed a flawless performance against the Oakland Raiders in their last match, by defeating them with a score line of 28-0. After the victory Haley told media that there was no room for complacency in the Chiefs’ squad, henceforth his men have not strayed from working hard.

In his pre-match press release, Haley stated, “Getting ready to get out there and practice now. I thought we had a good morning, good walk-through yesterday, really a mental day in the afternoon and a good physical day in the morning in the weight room. That was yesterday. Now today, really got to have a double Wednesday as far as we’re concerned. This is the extra day, bonus day. Getting ready to get out there and get at it. Really, it’s going to be basically a review of what we went through yesterday. So, looking forward to a nice, sharp, crisp practice in which we’re able to make progress.”

In the press conference Haley was questioned whether he would prefer an extra day for an unknown non-division team or against a division opponent. Haley responded with, “I don’t know the answer to that, but I know I felt good about having an extra day this week, coming off that game last week. We had to travel and it was pretty warm out there. It was obviously a physical, hard fought game and I think we were able to utilize the extra day to this point in a very positive manner, so I’m happy with how things fell.”

According to some analysts the San Diego Chargers are an unbalanced team. Their analysis might be correct for last year but not this year, especially after head coach Norv Turner made changes at San Diego. Haley considers the Chargers to a decent and well-balanced team.

Haley concluded, “They’re an extremely balanced team. I think that they do a very good job of running the football. I don’t think that there’s a big, big difference between the two teams. What Philip [Rivers] does, I think, is he utilizes backs very, very well in the passing game, which I think really essentially becomes another run play, as far as we’re concerned. They get the ball a lot to the backs. In addition to handing it off 100-plus times, they’ve dumped it down another 50-something, so those are positive plays. All those backs do a really good job of getting yards after catch, so it’s a dangerous part of their offense which we have to do a very good job of defending.”

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