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China To Shut Down Popular Nightlife Area For The Olympics, Hooters Comes To The Rescue

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If you're going to be in Beijing for the Olympics, naturally you'll be spending a lot of time near the hilarious named Workers Stadium, where a number of events will be going on, including Olympic soccer games. Naturally after watching other people participate in rigorous athletic activities for hours while you sit on your ass, you'll want to go out and get a drink or bust a move at a local club.

Well, you're out of luck.

Restaurants, bars and nightclubs in one of Beijing's main nightlife centers and celebrity hangouts are to be closed to help ensure security at the Olympic site, said Chinese commie pinkos authorities.

The bars and nightclubs have to be shut down 20 days before the Games and during them. That's more than a month of being closed, and here's the kicker - they aren't getting any compensation. Oh, smooth move China, smooth indeed.

But for all of us angry, beer swilling foreigners, there is hope. Hooters, which is located right near the stadium, has dodged the Communist decree and will be open for business. God bless you, Hooters. Keep fighting for freedom!

By the way, here's an interesting fact for you. The direct Chinese to English translation for Hooters is "American Cat Head Eagle Restaurant." I think something was lost in translation.
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