Chinese eight-grader Tianlang Guan on Masters cut bubble

14-year-old Chinese kid on Masters cut bubble over ticky-tack penalty

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Blog Photo - Chinese eight-grader Tianlang  Guan on Masters cut bubbleThe youngest competitor in the history of the Master's Golf Tournament made some more controversial Masters history Friday -- the kind of history that makes you go "Hmm....". In the second round of Friday's Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia the eight-grade golf sensation Tianlang Guan was penalized one shot for slow play.  He took 50 seconds to take a shot on the 17th hole, with the rules requiring a shot within 45 seconds.

The 14-year-old from Guangzhou, China is the first golfer ever in the 79-year history of the Master's Tournament to be issued a penalty for slow play. I'm just sayin'.

Guan was penalized for slow play on the Master's 17th hole on Friday, turning his par on that hole into a bogey. Guan remains at 4-over par (148) in the first two rounds of Masters play, and awaits his fate as other golfers play their second round, to see if he will stay in the top 50 and advance.

Blog Photo - Chinese eight-grader Tianlang  Guan on Masters cut bubbleI know I'm rooting for the kid to advance. Check out those dope threads!

Augusta National spokesman Steve Ethun admitted it was the first time in Masters history  that a slow play penalty had been enforced on a player -- any player. And hey, it's not like Augusta National Golf Club has a history of bias toward non-whites or anything.

Unlike me, Guan avoided cheap shots when interviewed by ESPN. "On the 17th, I just got my second bad time," he told ESPN (he had been warned previously on the 13th hole). "Today's weather is not that good. The winds switch a lot. I had to change my club, so it was over 50 seconds."

"I respect the decision," Guan said. "This is what they can do."

Hey, rules are rules, right? Not necessarily. The PGA released statement after the penalty incident that appears to accidentally confirm Guan was singled out.

"Tianlang Guan was assessed a one-shot penalty for violation of Rule 6-7 of the Rules of Golf and the Tournament’s Pace of Play Policy," Augusta National said in a statement.   "Guan began being timed on Hole 12 and received his first warning on Hole 13 after his second shot."

Note the part where they say "Guan began being timed on Hole 12." This clarifies that few, if any, other golfers on the Augusta National course were also being timed. Draw your own conclusions, people.

Guan awaits his fate as the second round of the Masters continues. You can watch the Masters live for free at for the rest of Friday and all weekend long.
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