Chipper Jones: Retirement is not easy!

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Chipper Jones, the third baseman for Atlanta Braves is now 39 and considering the option, rather an inevitable option of retirement.
Chipper Jones statement to media on his retirement issue reveals the fact that retirement is not too easy. It’s an end to one’s era, ending of a career that Chipper Jones has loved and cherished and the bond that he has with Atlanta Braves is about to end. Chipper Jones stated that although his contract is ending this year, he still has certain games that can take him to another year but he is confused whether or not he will be able to pull through this one.
Jones is presently entering the last year of his career as per contract and this will give him $14 million and also an option that is related to the number of games played by him this year.
With the passage of time, Chipper Jones has lost the winning streak in him. Gone were the days when he was on the top of the Major League Baseball and enables Atlanta Braves to secure numerous National League titles. He is definitely the future hall of famer.
However, his winning streak hasn’t only dimmed because of time. Injuries have been a part of almost every player’s life and apparently good players have a high chance of getting several. Chipper Jones also got some surgeries done on his knees for the past two years in order to ensure his role in the league lasts and that he continues to play.
However, despite all these problems, Chipper Jones managed to make 2011 acceptable with a good statistics with regard to his performance, nevertheless, these are lower than his own average scores which is a bitter reality and reminder of the fact that he isn’t anymore the old Chipper Jones who used to be a pro. Sometimes whatever stimulates happiness can turn around and disappoint.
In addition, all hell seems to break lose for Atlanta Braves this season since they have to compete against few of the toughest teams in the league and those teams have improved tremendously as opposed to before. Looks like the end of the season will decide the fate for Atlanta Braves.
Currently, Chipper Jones is in an environment free of stress and game pressure yet he is still under stress and exhaustion. It is not a good sign since he is in a tired state of mind right now when he has no reason to be so it doesn’t allow for some good predictions about his state when he will be on the pitch, playing with the toughest opponents. 
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